Not so long ago MORRIGAN has returned from their successfull European tour. The band seemed to have enjoyed it, However as for today, the band announced their their Guitarist Pitty has left the band and he didn’t really told the band the reason why he didn’t want to continue to be the guitarist for MORRIGAN it also seems that he has various depts. After he informed the band there was no word anymore from him and he ignored all member messages.

SETSUNA said on twitter that he is sorry for this happening and that they will continue MORRIGAN no matter what and that they will make PITTY regret of leaving them, because such person who simply disappears without much words shouldn’t have join the band from the beginning.

Sadly PITTY’s twitter has already been deactivated.

Down here a translation of their official announcement.

Important announcement

Thank you always for your support of MORRIGAN.

As for today, guitarist PITTY, who has been hospitalised a while ago, has left the band.

When PITTY told us that he was hospitalised due to worsening state of tonsillitis we believed his words and we looked forward to his return. Yet, he didn’t share any words to us for a while and out of nothing he informed us that he wished to withdrawn from the band.

There was no motivation anymore from his side and he didn’t respond to any member ‘persuasion’. It also seems that he has many debts in various places.
We discussed all of this and we came to the result that he will withdrawn from the band.

From here on, we will continue our road without stopping, in hope to have your support, so please continue supoorting us..

2018, January 12, MORRIGAN

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