On May 10th Mejibray annoucned that they would be on HIATUS at the end of the year.

Translation: jaymee
MEJIBRAY would like to give their sincerest thanks for your continued support. We have a very important message for everyone. MEJIBRAY has decided to pause their activities following 2017. To all our fans that have supported us, and to all related staff, we understand that this announcement is a sudden one, and we deeply apologize for any worry and inconvenience this decision may cause, though we hope you can understand. Nothing has been decided about next year’s schedule or if we will resume activities again next year. Though only a short period of time is left, we would like to put everything we have into our remaining activities. We humbly ask for your support. May 10, 2017

As for that news, it shocked everyone, MEJIBRAY break? or will it be a disbandment? nobody knew what happened and what the future will be for the band. The band did hold one last ONEMAN tour in which they played 15 songs each day, for exception their last gig.

Anyhow, of course as always, some Visual Kei artist also go watch lives, this is what ASAGI from D and also YO-KA from DIAURA wrote on their twitter accounts.

ASAGI from D wrote: (Translation Ryu)
“I went to see MEJIBRAY. Thanks for giving it all.
Sometimes in life, you might lose your way, and there are times you need to keep going even if all is broken, isn’t? Please take a rest now, and when it’s time again, please wander your path slowly again.
Anyway our paths are definitly connected, I do believe that we will meet someday again”

DIAURA – YO-KA wrote: (Translation Ryu)
I’ve burned it into my Memories.
From now on, I want to keep fighting as rivals.

However, this is what fans said about thee last live;
It seemed that on the tour the band played 15 songs on day.
However on the last day Tsuzuku seemed to strike the last song, by falling down, as something happened. When Koichi saw that, he threw his bass away and went to Tsuzuku.  MiA and Meto kept playing as nothing happened, and a while later Koichi went to the center of the stage and put his middle finger up to the staff.
Fans said, it did look as both wanted to share some “message” towards all their fans.

TODAY on 2017/12/31, vo.綴 (Tsuzuku) and ba.(恋一)(Koichi) left MEJIBRAY.
Because their contracts has ended with their label.





Also Koichi twitter has been put on private and he also seems to have deleted his instagram.

How the future of Mejibray will look like without the original vocalist and bassist being kicked off the band/label, we will hopefully know in the near future.

Let’s pray that Tsuzuku and Kochi will start a new band (together) and that we will see them both on stage very soon again.

LAST DVD details:

RELEASE DATE: 2018.03.07
そして誰もいなくなった TOUR FINAL at 新木場STUDIO COAST
PRICE: ¥6,000+ tax.
2.Agitato GRIMOIRE
5.DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours –
8.hatred × tangle red × hunger red
13.枷と知能 -それってとても人間らしいって神様は笑ってるの-

side note: If they will show the “happening”  is unknown.

Official Website: https://mejibray.com
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEJIBRAY