The last years, to purchase your music online has gotten more and more popular, I myself also like to buy digital if possible. Because it’s cheaper than getting a CD. However sometimes I also do purchase something digital to support the artist extra since I also bought the original CD. I started to buy digitally in 2010 I think or maybe a few years later.

One of words biggest source to buy music digital. Yet it’s not easy for me to buy music on iTunes since I need a credit card or a gift card. Also many Japanese bands don’t sell worldwide on iTunes. 
Acid Black Cherry – Incubus
Acid Black Cherry – Forget-me-not <- only this song
Acid Black Cherry – ROMANESQUE <- only this song
ADAMS – Dizzy Love
ADAMS – Kimi no Sei
ADAMS – Neo Sexual
ADAMS – Seseragi
Angelo – Calvary
Antikythera – EARLY GRAY
Black Line – beauty & the Devil
Capella – カフカ
Cold+Sleep Sleepless
Cold+Sleep – sadistrick
Cold+Sleep – scarlet memories
Cold+Sleep – sex, drug, rock’n’roll
Cold+Sleep – share the freedom
Cold+Sleep – sick boy
Cold+Sleep – solid state sadness
Cold+Sleep – soul hacker
Cold+Sleep – spinal column
Cold+Sleep – セカンド・ヘヴン
Cold+Sleep – 蒼空を駆け抜ける者
DAMIJAW – be with you
DAMIJAW – wow!wow!
DAMIJAW – ダーミー城の吸血悪魔が愛したマリア(泣)
The Doggy Paddle voo!doo!do!!
Enishin shin –  -enishi-
The “Fuzz” –  Burst Drive
The gazette –  Division
Gregor samsa – The Electrically Operated Dark World
Janne da arc – seal~gang bang in soviet mix~  <- only this song
Jills Blue Roses – black honey
Jills Blue Roses – blue
Jills Blue Roses – honey bloosum
Jills Blue Roses –  kiss of the dark
Jills Blue Roses – reyla the black rose
Misaruka – episodes -merrow-
NEiN – rin no ato
Noctural bloodlust –  voices of the apocalypse -sins-
Noctural bloodlust – lost memory <- only this song
Noctural bloodlust – bury me
Noctural bloodlust – ivy
THE NOSTRADAMNZ – it’s a small world’s end
RK ROSEBUD – death education
SForzato  – G.D.N
SForzato – Beautiful lies <- only this song
Spooky Jam – Gasoline
Synk;yet – [Re]:birth
Synk;yet – Messiah
Tokami – Resurrection
Tokami – Schwarz Kain
Umbrella –  五月雨
V/A RK rosebud – kanaderu kami
V/A Calmando Qual –  抜け殻 (New Version)

I really love CDBaby because they still sell their music in FLAC quality, however today when I logged in they said that they will stop sharing in FLAC. Yet if you buy on CDbaby, an artist get a bit more money than if you support them via iTunes. 
シュヴァルツカイン – Complex
Tokami – Liberador
Tokami – Luminescence
Nüe – サイレン
Cold+Sleep – Sleepers
THE SOUND BEE HD – Dawn of the dead
Synk;yet – The graceful Savior
Synk;yet – 愛憎のファムファタール
Axiz – real

Sadly HearJapan did stop selling music, because it was too expensive for them to keep it up. Still I loved them, because they also gave some bonus material to some of the orders. 
Calmando Qual – Deadman’s party
Calmando Qual – Doors
Calmando Qual – Negative Mustard
Frenzy -Mr.SaTaN Solo Project- – I’m Frenzy Of Liberty!!
Misaruka – Merrow -Sin-
Marlee – Artificial Irony

Bandcamp was one of the websites which artist would been paid good. However I even believe that now days artist don’t get that much anymore too? Anyway Bandcamp still gives the purchaser FLAC quality. 
The Vio – Kubikiri Violinist
Antikythera Hazel
Antikythera puncture
V/A Denki Monologue 5
V/A Denki Monologue 7
V/A Denki Monologue 9
V/A 抹殺レコーズ – 殺すコンピ

Maybe it doesn’t look that much, however if I check physical CD’s, I got over 400, if not 500. which is already about the half of my Manga collection. If I didn’t bought that many physical CD’s my Manga collection would be over 3000 or more (laugh).
Maybe I will high light some purchased CD’s soon again.