A few weeks ago I finally received 「妖幻鏡 -NAGOYA- vol.1 尾張V系音源集」
Release date: 2017/07/05

01.ASTARIA 「Dependence」
04.DEVIZE「Devils Kiss」
05.Lucifer’s underground 「welcome to my inferno」
06.メリーバッドエンド 「G.D.F」
09.Roub「Starry Nightmare」
10.dexcore「Miserable Imposter (getsu9core ver.)」

The CD has 10 full tracks, however シビレバシル didn’t deliver us a new song, but they released a track of a demo single.

ASTARIA  “Dependence”.
Is an upbeat song and also a nice strong song. It’s a perfect song to open this V/A album.  it’s a nice song to open this CD. This song reminds you of older Japanese pop songs.

The melody of the song isn’t that bad, it has a good beat and speed, song remembers me a bit of Glamor Sky and few UVERWORLD songs. The vocalist doesn’t really have a strong voice but he knows how to use it. They did choose a nice track to introduce themselves.

シビレバシル “軍手”
I really wonder why they did choose this song for the V/A. Maybe this song rocks at a live gig, however totally not on a CD.  I still don’t know who this band are also I would not listen to this song again.

DEVIZE “Devils Kiss”
With this song DEVIZE proves once again that they are one of the better visual kei bands of these days. This song is perfectly sung and played. It doesn’t include awful pig scream. Just beautiful rock metal music.

Lucifer’s underground “welcome to my inferno”
I really like this song, however the quality of this song is sadly like a transcode, which is a totally pity. It sounds a bit as your CD is damaged a lot. Still a nice song which would be totally listen able at a live gig.

メリーバッドエンド “G.D.F”
Merry Badend also proofs again that they are one of the best vkei bands around these days. G.D.F is also a nice heavy rock metal song which let you go wild. Also nicely sung and perfectly played.

This song has a nice beat at the beginning however it doesn’t reach my heart deep inside. However the song isn’t bad at all. It’s a nice track to get introduced to this band.

麗麗 “那誤梁”
Reirei kicks off with a damn strong song again, also they included RAP to this track! Which I totally missed from them. wild rock, with Japanese traditional sound and rap, yes, the guys created an amazing song with that 3 combo of styles.

Roub “Starry Nightmare”
This song has a fast beat, also some nice crazy parts inside, it’s a nice song, however it doesn’t really stuck in your head.

dexcore “Miserable Imposter”
dexcore shared also a nice song on this V/A however it’s a really big contrast between grunting and the cute clean singing. It’s from deathly darkness to some cute vibe singing. Sounds a bit of strange. However the song still rocks.

Still, DEVIZE, Merry Badend and REIREI are definitely the winners of this V/A. I am not saying that as a supporter of those 3 bands, however they truly made the most strong and best written songs. followed by Roub, dexcore, Astaria, TRA TRA TRA, UNDER FALL JUSTICE…

This V/A proofs that Nagoya Kei isn’t dead and that there are still nice bands who deliver each time good music. I think it’s still a pity that シビレバシル didn’t include a brand new song on this V/A hopefully they will next time.