A few years ago, Hibiki announced a break for THE HIGH GRIP, because Kenka left the band. However after the Calmando Qual disbandment and doing a few solo gigs at Ikebukuro Chop, Hibiki decided that he fully returns as THE HIGH GRIP. Still THE HIGH GRIP will continue with “support” bass guitarists.  THE HIGH GRIP next gig (7/5) will be supported by “DAISUKE”.

Hibiki also has opened a new website and a twitter for THE HIGH GRIP.

If you love Hibiki’s voice you truly should check out this band too.
You will also see Hibiki playing guitar!

However, if you want to buy their CD, you have to go to Tokyo. Because it’s only live available.

And of course rock your heart out!


Official website: https://highgrip.officialsite.co