Last year I did review BLooD RaiN which I reviewed as THE SOUND BEE HD’s best release. A year after that release THE SOUND BEE HD comes with a new mini album. This time with only 5 full tracks and an intro and outro song.




01. birth−M1-100
03. sophia
04. TeLL me!!!
05. Death RoaD
06. stay
07. death-M1-65

THE STYLE reminds me mostly of a mix of their DOKU mini-album of 2010 and also CROSS from 2013. However with this mini-album they hit a stronger string than those 2, you can hear easy that THE SOUND BEE HD has been grown and put out some amazing sound. The bass is lovely heavy the guitar riffs are nicely clean and the drum totally makes each track complete. Also the background melodies are nicely done which put this mini-album in a nice deadly atmosphere.

birth−M1-100: is an intro song which has a vocie saying the same thing over again and again which leads you to WALKING DEAD~

WALKING DEAD: This song has a pretty easy melody, it’s easy to like, it doesn’t sound as a mess, the melody is quite the same all song long with some nice drum and (bass) guitar sounds inside. Yet it sounds heavy but the song is still calm. The lyric of this song is all in English, which also lead me to notice that Daisuke’s English pronunciation is gotten better.

Sophia: which starts with a heavy guitar riff which leads you into a strong heavy beat song, however it’s still slow heavy. Also this song is fully English. The song is easy to remember and to enjoy.

Tell Me!!!: this melody isn’t that different from Sophia, its also soft heavy, but still a slow song. But melody wise every beat fits in this song. However it’s not a song which you remember.

Death Road: reminds me of WALKING DEAD and Tell Me!!!, just a mix of these 2. It has a fast strong drum beat. However again a pretty simple sounded melody, it’s easy to like. Even the song sounds heavy it’s still pretty calm.

Stay: is a beautiful soft heavy ballad song, sung with so many beautiful emotions, the best track on this mini-album.

death-M1-65: is also an SE of the album and it’s looping you again to the intro song Birth-M1-100. So that you can listen this album endlessly on repeat over and over again.


If you listen to this mini-album you notice again, how talented this band actually is and I still think it’s a pity that too less people try out this band. THE SOUND BEE HD has a various own style and there would be surely a mini-album which someone would love. This album is a soft sounded THE SOUND BEE HD album, which is also nice. As for this one, it could be loved by many for sure.