THE NOSTRADAMNZ released 2 master piece release.
Tokyo EP they released at the end of February. It’s full of  hard rock punk style songs which is totally amazing, every song has a nice beat and good lyrics.  I waited a few months until I finally tuned in this CD, and I totally regret for not putting it more soon into my CD player. However I wanted to wait for their 1st album. Because more songs to listen too. Even if on their new album there aren’t really much new songs but the older songs all have a new version, all new recording and new mixing so it’s like you listen to a brand new songs. However if you didn’t listen to this band before you surely need to check it out, finally the guys released something again on itunes, so you even can check it out for free on spotify.


I totally love Skygazer, it’s a song with such sad lyric, but it’s played and sung with so much feelings, I can’t get enough of this song.

I always get mad if I introduce this band to someone and that person says, yeah they are cool.  But then they still don’t care to check them out more.  I mean, come on, listen to it more times! How can’t you like true great music? Guitar, drum, bass… it’s all perfect each song beat it’s perfect. It’s not some real vkei shit. No it’s real music, music with real feeling, music with a real story. and not some good looking boy music who only want to be popular. Nope THE NOSTRADAMNZ is more than that and I keep hoping that someday more people will notice this band and notice what real good music actually sound like. Nostradamnz isn’t stupid pig screaming or whatever crazy ugly not good for ears screaming with some worse guitar play in the background.

If you listen to THE NOSTRADAMNZ you listen to true music, which let you remember how real music sounds like. Of course the guys don’t look as good as Mejibray or the Gazette but that doesn’t matter, I don’t give a fuck. Because THE NOSTRADMNZ proofs ever time with each song what a real song should sound like.  And if you think that this band doesn’t have a good looking member, well then you got it also very wrong. actually this band got a damn handsome guy. but he is hiding his face behind a clown mask or makeup. or he is hiding behind his sunglass.

This band also don’t like crazy fan moves. Well Japanese fans still do. But they love it more if you really dance crazy like you visit a real punk rock gig. And I also think that you just should go crazy. no need to do funny dances to show your love, just get crazy. Don’t care go wild! Get a beer and dance crazy with the beer! That’s how you should dance on their shit!

So if you are in Japan, go to their live gig and go crazy.
If you cannot go to Japan, be sure to check them out on spotify!

You should, it’s not a maybe!
Listen to them all day! And then.. tell me if they are still shit!.. Guess you will tell me that they are amazing!


Enjoy your day!