Yes, you read it right,
Today the official announcement was given that their drummer No.666 will leave the band due medical reasons. It’s not something really bad, however bad enough that he should take enough rest, if he still want to be able to play drums in the future. No.666 has a painful waist/back (I don’t know which part hurt) which always hurt when he plays the drum, he also took a month off to let it rest before, however sadly the pain came back.

With pain in the heart he and the band decided that he will leave the band. Merry Badend music should be music with quality and the songs should not lose their power and quality only because the songs need to be lowered because of his pain. That’s something he doesn’t want himself.  They also mention that they already lowered the quality of the lives a bit, with playing drum riffs digital. But that this is not something they want to rely on in the future.

After all, Merry Badend will not disband and all lives after their ONEMAN (6/24) will continue with a support drummer. Also the members said, that they will not decide to disband, and that they all hope that everyone will support them until the very end.

No.666 last day will be at June 24 at their oneman in Tokyo, Ebisu club aim.

All their messages you can find at their official blogs, and website

_______________ TRANSLATION -below

An important message from Merry Badend.

Thank you very much for supporting Merry Badend from the start.

Drummer No.666, will leave the band after the oneman which will be held on June 24 (Sat) at Ebisu club aim.

The reason of the withdrawal,
Because of No.666 medical condition of the waist, which he was treated for before, however the condition doesn’t seem to recover.
Which makes it difficult to express the world view of Merry Badend.

As a result of many discussions with members and staff, it was sadly decided that he would withdraw from the band.

The schedule after Saturday June 24, will continue as planned and a support drummer will join the band.

You can find the member comments below

Ebisu club aim, 1st anniversary and one-man live
Yugatchi will leave Merry BadendI’m sorry to surprise you.

The reason is that my body has hit its limit, and that it has become impossible for me to express the

Merry Badend songs.
Before, when the condition of my waist became worse, I was able to take a month off.
Back then I felt very bad that I was unable to play a perfect live for everyone, and that I left an increasing burden on the members.

I am blessed that I’m surround by amazing people, including all fans and all members.
So, when the problems of my waist occurred, everyone was like “Please rest as much you can! It would be sad to lose Yugatchi”
I was told these kind of kind words.

But, for now I don’t have the strong mental strength to be obedient to this kindness.
It’s sad, but the thought of it was pulling my mind daily.

The songs of Merry Badend are violent and there are a lot of cool songs.
I want to deliver those songs to everyone in an 100% unlimited state.
Not listening to what my body says.
However recently I relied on machines.

When I told the other members about my current state they said:
“Then, let’s do a song which doesn’t put a strain to your body!”
As much as they are worried and considering about Yugatchi, I’m really happy and thankful for that.
That’s the reason why I thought to not break the world view and fun lives of Merry Badend.

I cannot tolerate that because of me, the quality of everyone’s favorite Merry Badend needs to be lowered.

Of course I wanted to continue further more with everyone.
Because everybody and the members are really important to me too.

That’s why, I made this one major decision for us for the future.

Sadly this can’t be changed.

“To enable the Merry Badend everybody loves to move on in its best form”
“To be able to walk the new path that fits to my current self”

To give everything until the end, it’s a positive thought, it’s the answer I did choose.
Please accept it and watch over Merry Badend also in the future.

It’s still about 2 months until June 24th.
The gigs that are left to me as Merry Badend’s Yugatchi, I will give you wonderful things, let’s enjoy it with full power, let’s make the best memories together until the last day.

I love everyone’s smile, I will be happy if you come to bring that cute smile of yours to me until the very end.

Merry Badend No.666

I’m sorry for this sudden announcement, I’m sorry for this sad announcement.

I didn’t want this to announce at all.
I thought about it in various ways,
But there was no other possibility.

Even as long Yugatchi wanted to continue, the problem will endure as long as he plays Merry’s songs.

It’s really frustrating that this is the only way.
I wanted to stay together, and not fall apart like this, I don’t want to face it.

but… I couldn’t say that he played for us so hard until it ended Yugatchi’s life as drummer.


It was Yugatchi who gave me the opportunity to join Merry

It was October 2015, It was 2 months before the start of Merry, It supposed to be Yugatchi’s session at an event.

Even though we were acquainted for a long time, it was been decided that Merry was an opportunity.
After all we wanted to make music together, creating great rhythm forms.

But, Yugatchi decided the future of Yugatchi,
It is not that Yugatchi can’t play the drums at all,
Yugatchi dream is still going on

Because I think that you cannot move forward until you take a step back,
I also will support Yugatchi in the future.

Everyone, please support Yugatchi

Yugatchi decision is the most pitiful thing.

Yugatchi,  when you are into perfect condition again, tune in again!

Merry Badend and me, of course we will continue forever.
So that we can continue make everyone smile.

There is still a bit time until 6/24,
Since it’s announced, let’s cherish the time more than ever.
Everyone, let’s enjoy together
That day, Merry Badend will give their best live.

Please give us your support also in the future

Merry Badend Hiromu

Yugatchi and I played together in Merry for more than a year and we had a really good relationship and Yugatchi was a very relaxing person.
I couldn’t believe it when Yugatchi told me that he would leave Merry
But when I listened to Yugatchi story, the drummer life of Yugatchi, even if he gave that as his answer, he still thought plenty about  Merry’s future.
It’s really not easy to make a decision like this.
Of course, it will be lonely without Yugatchi, It’s really a pity to lose such an amazing and soft person.
I really want to support my favorite Yugatchi, so I and the members of Merry want to send him off with a lot of love!
There is still time left and every upcoming live I will give my best sot that I can never forget!
You too!
Merry Badend Kirin

Leaving the beast…

very… very lonely…


I don’t want it to end with the words ‘It cant be helped’

I really don’t want to be separated…

I always wanted to make music together

I don’t want to think much about it now

…I don’t want to think about it.

Until the time of leaving.

I don’t think of you leaving.

Merry Badend Aganai no scarface

It’s one of the most hated important announcement for fans.
I actually should make someone happy, however I’m sorry for delivering such sad message which make us all sad.
But if No.666 keeps on planning to play for Merry Badend he might not be able to play drums anymore at some point ever again.
However it’s possible to create songs, which are only a little burden for No.666, we continue to rely on machines to reduce the burden for him recently.
Still it’s not “Music that Marry Badend want to express” It’s not something that convinces as “bandman”, neither the other members nor No.666.
Even if No.666 won’t be No.666 anymore he will grow as a drummer and even if only short I want to show his drumming to the people.
It’s also No.666 own wish.

And there isn’t any hesitation in fulfilling it.

The seal on No.666 will appear at the oneman at June 24th.

Even if you don’t or can’t cry, I can’t say if you are said.

I want to tell you to not feel sad, to not to cry, I want that you accept it.
The decision is necessary to enjoy our music with all our fans for a much longer time.

I swear to you, that I turn this sadness into times which will make you happy.

Merry Badend will continue

Even if the road is different now, even if we have lost No.666, my heart is still wishing for making you smile, and that desire won’t change.

I will enjoy the time left which I can enjoy with us 6 being together!
Maybe it’s not good to say, but I really want that you spend the little time with joy and no regrets.
I already said various words, but there isn’t any need to share my thoughts in any other way.

As I said before, our June tour will be a special memorable tour for us.
Surly it’s sad now, but the strong loneliness may turn into memories.
Whenever it can be changed into joy and nostalgia in the future, it’s up to Merry Badend.

Even if it’s selfish, please keep up the support.

Merry Badend Loki