Today, the news came in that Synk;yet will be on an endless break, they don’t want to call it themselves a disband because disband sound’s much more hard then saying on a endless break. They want to keep it an endless memory.

This decision is sad, giving up after 5½ years, being a band with nice great music. having some troubles with the health of -shiori-, but just when everything should have gone back to normal the troulble news of -Rino- appeared a few weeks ago,  The news that they had to fire -Rino- because he did do stuff which simply can’t be tolerated.

Sadly Synk;yet has decided to stop going on, and hopefully they will return as a brand new band after they flew in their endless break.

Synk;yet will be truly missed. Because yes, from Starwave they are truly one of the best.

Their  last live will be at 5/21 at Takadanobaba AREA.

Please check for more details the Japanese announcement.

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