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Not long ago Chaotic Harmony brought the tag #ResurrectVK into life. Saying that Visual Kei isn’t that popular anymore. However is this really the case? If you check out worlds biggest visual kei forum you still see that many people are joining the forum, people still love to share their music taste and love to talk about it, also still visual kei news get shared crazy over there.
If you check up google stats you see that people don’t really google the word “visual kei” anymore. The search boom was in 2009.
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However yes, lesser people go to Visual Kei concerts however we also shouldn’t forget that the bands people REALLY want to see are not coming over. Also many of us collect money to fly to Japan to see our favorite bands. Also now days manga and anime is getting more popular, conventions are growing and even less popular bands play on such kind of conventions.  That also introduce people to visual kei, so then you don’t even need to search it on google. Or the manga/anime network already give you the websites where you need to search your information of visual kei and let’s not forget, there is also twitter and facebook which you can use to SEARCH visual kei. So that are also reasons why people don’t use GOOGLE anymore to search visual kei. Because there are many other pleases where you can dig in visual kei.

If you check up the Japanese google stats you see that Japanese people didn’t search it lesser or more.
The RED line is Japan.

In 2008-2009 We didn’t really had twitter and facebook yet.  Let’s not forget that.
But then why is it the same in Japan? shouldn’t it be lesser for Japan too?  Well, in Japan visual kei was always already known and there was no BOOM around that time in Japan. The popularity is still the same. Also if you check it out in Japan even years after, you do notice that CD shops aren’t that big anymore as a few years ago, but if you visit concerts you notice that it’s still the same only the type of “fans” maybe changed a bit.

I really think  #ResurrectVK is simply a bullshit tag. Visual Kei never dies, also not in the west. If it really was that less popular the most famous forum would have died and that forum is still there and still very active.

But what about so many disbandment’s?
Well, back in the days finding information about bands was also more difficult. Back in the day band’s didn’t use twitter or facebook, Twitter and facebook does exist since 2006 but it took a while until TWITTER and FACEBOOK are this popular as it’s now. And now days (smaller) bands still don’t really use FACEBOOK. And we also know that lot’s of bands don’t really update their website. I guess until 2010 or something it was harder to find news about disbandment’s.
I started a brand new website vkeikonkon and at the end of 2017 we will know how many bands did born and how many bands spread their wings to heaven.

Also bands still release enough CD’s to keep Visual Kei alive, January is still not over and we already have over 250 visual kei releases for this year. Which I all will list on vkeishuuryu.

With those lists, I want to show everybody that visual kei isn’t dead. We don’t need to RESURRECT Visual Kei. At least I encounter still enough new young people we discovered visual kei.

People switched to jpop or kpop. Well taste always change, but as said there are enough new people who discover vkei. And we are not anymore in the area of 2006~2010. We live in 2017 now and our life’s are changed a lot. Look at the technology… Twitter, Facebook, Youtube… copyright claims.

Yes, in 2010 megaupload got taken down and forums also got copyright claims. Which also made it more difficult to get introduced to bands who don’t share their shizzel for free or on youtube.

But after all. There is no need for resurrection yet.