Dee Lee, 2 bullet / Vanished Empire will release his first 2 solo albums.

With 2 bullet and Vanished Empire Dee Lee shows us always a rich heavy sound and a beat like a massive airstrike. However with his solo project he will show us his dark ambient side, which dominates the chill bottom of madness and despair.

Demiurge: Visions of Pseudo-Universe:
Inspired by cosmic-horror novels and gnosis, the album lead you to the beginning of the time, post-apocalyptic time, and the eternal return.
No matter how many times Demiurge re-create the universe, this universe only can be imperfect, just like imperfect test-program.
You will realize this fact through this noisy drone doom ambient.

1. Birth of Imperfect Aeon
2. History of Disillusion
3. Cell as Catacomb
4. The Alter on Polluted Sands
5. Unlock the Gate of Doom
6. After the End of Time
7. Demiurge Redesigns the Universe
8. Visions of Pseudo-Universe
9. Rebirth of Imperfect Aeon


Deep Inside the Buried Hearts: 
Dark and atmospheric drone ambient in all of this album.
Inspired Depth-psychology ,hypnotism , and especially his own deep hidden old memories.
You can touch in his deep inside the abandoned mind through this album.
1. Hypnos
2. Beneath the Depth
3. Other Creatures
4. Marigold (Gazing the Surface)
5. Fall Toward Disruption
6. Sweer Whispers of Thanatos
7. My Dear, Leave Me Forever.
8. Where the Dead Memories Asleep
9. As the End Repeats


Both albums are already sold in advance at his live gigs of both of his band, however the official release of both albums is at 2017/01/31 for 2000 yen +tax via amazon. Both albums will be also available as digital download at Bandcamp etc. Also both albums will be available on Spotify.  Both albums already can be pre-ordered at Bancamp, then you will already get a few tracks in advance also bandcamp provides you lossless download which means 100% CD quality. Which is highly recommend of course.

Both albums are instrumental, so without vocal. However both albums have an amazing sound which let you get deep into the music.

Official links:
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