Before this year will end I really want to talk about KLACK.
KLACK was a punk visual kei band and yes, KLACK the band who was not welcome in many events. Why? Because of their explicit lyrics and image. Noting sexual at all but it was very much protesting against the world wide society. They also loved to use the image of a terrorist in their music videos, covers and lyrics. Well if you dig in deeper you even noticed that they were actually against it all.

KLACK got mostly promoted in the CURE magazine. CURE often wrote live reports and also did interview the band lot’s of times.

However, people didn’t saw to understand their image. They saw KLACK as something dangerous, they were even mistaken as a group of terrorism. They even got a treatment of an anti-terrorism group. So yes, KLACK was loved by those who understood them and hated by those who totally not understood them.

If you watch their  INTIFADA 2004 MV you might understand why people misunderstood them. However to me its clear that they don’t want to do any harm, beside just showing the truth to to world. But such image simple didn’t got always accepted.

However bands such as KLACK really have the balls to be not STANDARD and to say what they think about the shit which happened in the world. KLACK’s music isn’t the best of the best however you can call it special and it’s still good for the ear to listen too. All lyrics are in English and all lyrics beating up any STANDARD thing. However if you are a normal boring person you won’t understand their meaning, because you would simply disagree with any of their statements.  KLACK used their image for their own terrorism against the boring stupid mass media.

Their video JAPANESE STANDARD  In this video the guys play that they are hostage of a terrorism group and that they gotten free with a sum of money.

KLACK’s  most famous incident in their history was on December 26, 2004. KLACK played at FOOL’S MATE event “Beauti-fool’s Fest ’04”. At that live they showed  the beheaded video of Shosei Koda, in front of 5000 people. However this incident wasn’t taken with a laugh.  KLACK’s protest wasn’t accepted. After this KLACK was disgusted by many people.

FOOL’S MATE apologized to the audience later on. However KLACK never apologized for it. Which I myself can understand.

From wikipedia:
Shosei Koda
(香田 証生 Kōda Shōsei?, 29 November 1979 – 29 October 2004) was a Japanese citizen who was kidnapped and later beheaded in Iraq on 29 October 2004, by Zarqawi‘s group, while touring the country. He was the first Japanese person beheaded in Iraq.

And with showing this footage they were banned out of almost ever live venue. Because there is no way that you are allowed to give your own opinion about happenings in the world.  However that didn’t hold them back to play gigs, they simply hold gigs at clothing shops and SM clubs.

Because of such kind protest in their songs and performance, KLACK had to face lot’s of “hate” message and in 2007 they did got a serious message of that a person wanting them “DEATH” and that he would kill all members at a GIG. Lucky nothing happened that day.

On their DVD they give the reason why they created the PV for Seike wears the Suit, which they used footage of North Korea for:

Every TV and mass media report on North Korea is about the kidnap. But we shot a film of real North Korea, so when people see it they can see something different.

You have to go there to actually see what’s going on. You know the Japanese Mass Media reports information. Like military affairs, that all North Korean People are soldiers, and everyone is dying of hunger. Of course there are some but no as much as you think.

It’s KLACK’s terrorism against the Mass Media. Because they want to show people what’s really gonna on.

Sadly we don’t really have such kind of great bands in this world. Even in our current time we would need bands such as KLACK to show the world what’s really going on that that many things are lies by the Mass Media.

KLACK is surely a band we never should forget. Their image is even after so many years great!

KLACK are:
Vocal: u
Guitar: 柳橋昌亜 (Yanagihashi Masaya)
Guitar: 神谷聖也 (Kamiya seiya)
Bass: 烈 (Takeru)
Drums: 上村隼人 (Kamimura Hayato)

Former drummer until 2007: DENKI-MAN

INTIFADA 2004 (2004/7/28)



You still can get KLACK’s music:
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