lyric/music: Kouhei Nemoto aka Lucifer

Translation: Ryu

THE NOSTRADAMNZ is a band has been ground this year.
This song is already older than 2016. Kouhei already made his own version a few years ago. However they did recored this song official as a band. which I personally totally love. I can’t get enough of this song, so how more versions how better.

This song is actually a pretty creepy song.
I decided to keep it a bit more rough. I’m sure there are a few more ways to tell this story.
If you wnt to share your version, please be welcome to share yours.



差し込む空 遥かな青
照らす日差し 雲の模様
わたしは 融けて滲んで
この井戸の底で 待つのです
The faraway blue sky flows in
The sun shines through the pattern of the clouds
I’m melting blurry
waiting at the bottom of the well

まよいこむ 森の中
捨て去ろう 今まで
誘い込む 口の中
連れ去ろう 誰でも
I was wandering in the forest
Just now I was discarded and left behind
The luring words
would take away anyone*.

息を荒げて わたしを
汚して 捨てた
You were just like
The June Frogs
I raised my breath
You raped* me and discarded me

腐敗する身体 囲む黒
かじかむ指先 水の音
わたしは 凍えて震えて
この井戸の底で 死ぬのです
My rotting body is surrounded in darkness
My fingertip echo in the water becomes numb.
I am trembling frozen
Dying at the bottom of the well

見上げた 空には
丸い穴 開いてた
長い髪 水遊び
叫べど 届かず
The sky opened up
It opened a round hole
Long hair dabbling in the water
Shouts etc, can’t reach the outside world

果てなく醜くなって 今は
I wished,
That this wouldn’t became this ugly at the end, Now
Forgetting you
changes the curse

剥がれた爪 流れる赤
焼き付ける想いと 思い出
またいつかきっと 会えるでしょう
My nails came off and flowing in blood
Memories and feelings are burning
I’ve crawled out of here
Someday we will surely meet again

The faraway blue sky flows in the sun shines through the pattern of the clouds I’m melting blurred while I’m waiting for you at the bottom of the well

* dirt, mud (“you mudded me”)
* to kidnap
* black -> darkness
* red -> blood