DEVIZE is a band from NAGOYA. They are under Double River Record. A label who already has promoted a bunch of great bands.

Since November 3rd DEVIZE started their 3monthly release.
The first release is only live limited. The other 2 will released national at December 14 and January 18. They published a preview of the PV and song at the official label channel. Which gives you already a good vibe of this song and the sound of the band.

DEVIZE is a band which is doing good in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Their first oneman was sold out!

Sadly the oversea feedback isn’t always that great. Which isn’t that strange, because lot’s of now days Visual Kei bands sound way different. DEVIZE doesn’t have the typical visual kei pigg scream growls and some more typical VK things of now days VK. However that doesn’t mean that DEVIZE isn’t a good band.
DEVIZE really proofs that music also can be good and beautiful without all those overflowing ugly music elements. DEVIZE’s tune really can also give you a feeling of nostalgia. Elements which lots of bands don’t use anymore. Also each riff, each hook. It all fits. Every song is written beautiful. The mix of a growl and clean singing. stopping to growl at the right moment and turning into clean singing again. Also the way of growling sounds also nice in the ears. DEVIZE looks great however DEVIZE also can play music.

Also how more you listen to this band, how much more you fall in love with their music. How more plays how more the music touches your heart. Also the voice of the vocalist, It’s a little bit higher than you hear most of the time, also its a very nice voice to listen to.

If you liked the alternative music of 10 years ago. Band such as papa roach, offspring, limp bizkit, linkin park etc. You truly need to check out this band. DEVIZE still sounds different However their music really reminds me of that time. DEVIZE music feels for me as a mix of that area and a mix of the music of NOW.

DEVIZE is surely a top band. Finally a visual kei band with a great appearance and stunning music. Music which you can play non-stop all day.  This band is highly recommend!

DEVIZE release information:

2016.11.03 RELEASE!!
『Blood』 -Begin-
¥1,000(tax out)
※bonus: trading card 1 out of 4
label/distributor:Double River Record

2016.12.14 RELEASE!!
『喰葬』 -Erosion-
※bonus: trading card 1 out of 4
Label:Double River Record
Purchase at CDJAPAN

2017.01.18 RELEASE!!
『CORE』 -Worship-
※bonus: trading card 1 out of 4
Label:Double River Record
Purchase at CDJAPAN

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