The Doggy Paddle is a band who I follow for a long while. Last month the guys finally released a brand new CD, which is also sold National wide. I ordered my CD via CDJapan. However sadly CDJapan doesn’t got a bonus disk which you would get another song to

Before the storm is once again a rocking release, which proofs again that these guys are very talented and know what they are doing. It’s pure rock, without any additions of digital sounds.  Before the Storm contains 4 songs, Storm Hill, Blue, Gura Gura and Chain Dog.


『before the storm-EP』
¥1000 +税


The vocalist (Yuta) voice isn’t a voice which is common. I would describe it as a raw bit of hoarse powerful voice. Which totally fits this kind of music. Guitar, Drum and Bass also are amazing again. Each song can let you dance in the pure ROCK’N’ROLL dance. Yes, that’s what this CD gives you ROCK’N’ROLL!

Also with this release they proof you that they would be a nice, powerful and amazing band to see live.  The Doggy Paddle also proofs  each time that a band doesn’t need to look crazy  to be good! Their sound has a good upbeat and simply never get boring at all,  that’s simply impossible. The guitar solo’s are also amazing. Which is still rare.

Sadly there isn’t a preview of this CD, So please view again  the PV of “Voo!Doo!Do!!” which also shows how great this band is.

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Official Twitter:  @TheDoggyPaddle