When I went to Tokyo for a short vacation I also grabbed this amazing V/A. A friend had lend me this CD, which made me want to buy it no matter what. It’s really one of the best V/A album ever. Each song fits in the tracklist and every artist on this V/A delivers an amazing track.

01.FEST VAINQUEUR – W~貴方を死ぬほど愛してる…貴方は死ぬほど愛せる?~(W~anata wo shinu hodo aishiteru…anata wa shinu hodo aiseru?~)
03.シェルミィ(Shellmy) – 人間失格-0時編-(ningenshikkaku-0ji hen-)
04.メリーバッドエンド(Merry Badend) – 鬼サンコチラ手ノ鳴ル方ヘ(onisan kochira te no naru hou e)
05.FoLLoW – 人魚姫(ningyohime)
06.グラムヘイズ(glamhaze) – I cherish you
07.ザアザア(xaa-xaa) – 情けない男のテーマ(nasakenai otoko no thema)
08.KAVKA – Nameless
09.DEVIZE – 融愛(yuuai)
10.ASTARIA – Dancing rendez-vous!!
11.Deviloof – 愛してください(aishitekudasai)
12.Rides In ReVellion – RAIN
13.SHIVA – トラウマ(trauma)

I’m still learning Japanese, so I don’t understand Japanese fully. However I challenged my self to translate”Rides In Revellion – RAIN”. Which turned out into a real beautiful sad lyric. Which really let me cry after reading it. Also “FoLLow 人魚姫” which got a beautiful translation by a friend. Hopefully I can read a few more translations by the other artist at a later moment too.

Let’s go to the tracks:
FEST VAINQUEUR: This song starts with a fast happy beating song which totally fits them and which opens this VA nicely. The song reminds me of Janne Da Arc. It has a nice catchy easy melody. But its not Fest Vainqueur best song.

BLESSCODE: comes with a easy melody song which sounds strong, vocal is a bit too standard, but it fits the song well.

Shellmy: comes with a rocking jazz song. The melody sounds happy. It’s not an amazing melody, more bands already have written such kind of song melody, but it’s fun to listen to and it catch your attention easy. Still the vocalist doesn’t have an unique voice.

Merry badend, comes with a traditional song melody with also a nice happy vibe, good vocal good musical play, its hard to not like this song. this song really let you  dance and turns a big smile on my face every time I do listen to it.

Follow: The voice of the vocalist has a sexy vibe, easy to listen to, melody is also beautiful, also the lyric of this song is beautiful. It’s about a mermaid.
Really sad that this band will disband soon.

Glamhaze: This song does let me think of EXIL or that kind of boyband. So its a known melody but it really sounds catch and nice. It’s something you love easy. However also this band will disband…

xaa-xaa: the growling in this song I truly dislike but the clean singing  is nice as always, this song isn’t good but also not bad. It’s average, xaa-xaa can do better.

KAVKA: This song really has a strong nice piano intro with some nice melody inside. This song is enjoyable, but the vocal part is a bit of… But the melody is simple but nice.

DEVIZE: really put everything this song which a band need to put into, good clean vocal good grunting, nice look. which made this song truly amazing.  clean vocal is beautiful, grunting part is also good, also good switch from grunting to clean vocal.

ASTARIA: comes with a happy upbeat song, which let you let dance easy also its easy to sing along. The  melody is easy and really catchy, it can easy stuck in your head for hours. It’s a kind of soft pop rock song. which many people would love. And the voice of the vocalist sound very cute and kind.

DEVILOOF: comes with a slam/grinecore metal song. Which don’t catch your taste right away, but after a few listens also this song fits pretty good after a calm happy song. Still DEVILOOF could make this song sound more crazy and more fast, but it already got the headbang  feeling, but too me it can be more fast to get really crazy, on this kind of music.

Rides in Revellion: comes with a beautiful upbeat ballad song with a really nice lyric, which can let you cry easy if you have lost someone in your life. The way Kuro sings this song is interesting and beautiful, I really hope Rides will write more of this kind of melodies. It simply sound perfect.

SHIVA: this song starts wild, vocal part has 3 kinds of ways of singing, grunting, clean vocal and something in between, a bit too much, also the melody sounds happy and also bit more dark at the wilder parts, also got a bit of ballad feeling. Which makes this song bit of messy. Still nice to listen too.

This V.A is surely one of the best. It’s hard to get boring. I really enjoy all songs.
I give it 10/10.