Heavy metal band LOUDNESS, a band which is already around for many many many many years. I wasn’t even born when this band was born.  Even after such long time, LOUDNESS has still many fans around the world.

After a year LOUDNESS returned to Europe again and as 3rd time in a row (since 2010) they stopped for a gig in the Netherlands. This time LOUDNESS was supported by 2 other bands, Gray attack and my ghost town. both bands also played a nice setlist but their music is much more soft rock than the fans loved to hear. everyone came to see the headliner LOUDNESS. lots of people waited in the hall outside the hall or people chilled at the back if the hall. around 21:45 LOUDNESS started tho play their setlist. in total they played 15 songs. without a separate encore. which was kind of strange because normally you can call a band back for encore. However, the 15 songs were also the blast the show finished around 23:30.

Akira played once again cool and amazing guitar solo’s. sadly Ampan didn’t play a drum solo this time.  Minoru was great again as a vocalist which voice never seem to be tired after so much singing. And of course Masayoshi played amazing bass riffs again. And he also let people tough his bass guitar. Which was very enjoying, fans did go crazy from happiness after toughing his guitar.

The setlist was once again great. LOUDNESS also played a new song “GOT TO BE STRONG”. Minoru even asked if it was okay. While the audience answered, sure please play! Not all fans knew the new songs but everyone enjoyed it, everybody was headbanger like crazy!  Imagine old man acting like little fangirls, it’s enjoying and fun 100% if they go crazy on CRAZY NIGHTS, CRAZY DOCTOR and S.D.I. Then a special vibe appears in the live hall.

LOUDNESS members are already over 50 years old. However Ampan is still in his 40ties. Even so, Akira, Minoru and Masayoshi always play with full up power so that you don’t believe at all that they are already passed that age. Because they still play with the same power as when they were much younger.

Also again with this tour a few Japanese fans came over to Europe to cheer them! Which also gives the band a nice spirit!


LOUDNESS official website: loudnessjp.com
LOUDNESS official facebook

Next month LOUDNESS will release a new CD.  A remake CD which limited version has as bonus a CD with songs which fans did choose and a DVD with 10 songs of their live of Shibuya of last year.

My last year live report HERE.  (LIVE of 2015/09/07 & 2015/07/19)

I really want to thank LOUDNESS for giving a hall concert in the Netherlands again, of course I also want to thank the people who made it possible from KILLPOP. You guys rock!  I hope to see LOUDNESS soon again!

Thank you, and see you one day again!