Calmando Qual is a great band. They know how to write good and beautiful songs over and over again, even if I didn’t like all the songs they wrote in the Starwave Records period.

Calmando Qual will disband next month. June 9th is their last stage day. A day which will be difficult for everyone. All fans who gave already so long support. Also Hibiki and Tak will lose their band they started both together.

Few weeks ago, they released their last CD, Shizukanaru kutsu. Which means, Calmando Qual, Silent pain. CD has only 4 tracks.
However Hibiki wrote that he was scared to write new songs, because he thought people wouldn’t like it. I wonder why? I always praised him for  False Freedom and 一雫の永遠. andalso 恍惚の星 belongs to my favorites.

TACKLIST + comment
01. 一雫の永遠
The meaning behind the lyric is damn beautiful, its hard to get what Hibiki truly means, but it gave me back then in 2015 already a view of his mind. Yes this song is already over an year old. Still a good song, melody is also wonderful. I wished they would have written more songs like this in the SW time.

02. False Freedom
We all live in a world with fake Freedom. the lyric is once again strong. the melody of the song fits also perfect and wonderful. This is also one of Calmando Qual’s best song.

03. 恍惚の星
I still didn’t really translated this song for myself. But from what I understood this song also has a pretty strong hidden message. Melody is also great, whenever you listen it on CD or live.

04. Phantom
I still wonder if Hibiki wrote the lyric of the song or if Till (support bass) wrote this song. I don’t know. Still after reading this lyric I don’t really think it has a strong message behind. Melody is also nice and catchy.

Final thoughts,
I still don’t get why Calmando Qual didn’t wrote more great songs like this in the past year. these songs are truly the best they ever wrote in the SW period. They are strong have nice good melodies. It is on what they needed to go on. Sadly that won’t happen.
People still say 3000yen is way to expensive for 4 songs. I normally would call it crazy too. But since you will get 4 master piece songs and its their last release, I think it’s totally okay.

You still can buy this CD at the Starwave Records online shop.  You won’t regret it, its a truly great CD. And its still painful for my own heart that so less people really support this band. Even if so many people say that they love Calmando Qual. Then were is the support?

The preview already proof the greatness.

Calmando Qual also released their first photobook.
Which includes photos of period
Negative Mustard 14x
Black Sheep 9xYami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki 8x
Zetsubou no Gosenfu 8x
2016 14x
Not all photos are printed in HQ. But still good enough to enjoy it. Its all full color.
3000 YEN can be bought HERE. and at their last concert they will release a second photobook with photos of period 2004-2009. can be bought HERE.
But Kenka and Till are not inside the first photobook (still on group photos). So Kenka and Tasc and maybe SIO too,  will probably only appear on group photos.
I will get a copy of the 2nd photobook, and I also hope you will also support Calmando Qual for a very last time. Please don’t let me the only one who bought it at the webshop.

Also if you have a last message for Calmando Qual, I will create a very last cool thing for them. please drop me a message.

For now, thank you everybody who has supported this band so far.