Red rain falls on the bloodstained street

Not long ago THE SOUND BEE HD releases a brand new Mini album named Blood Rain.
It was a while since my last listen to THE SOUND BEE HD, because their style wasn’t anymore what I used to love from them, however I don’t give up a great band such as THE SOUND BEE HD, so I also checked out this release.

The lovely thing about Starwave Record band’s is, that almost all their music also appears on Spotify.  So I checked this release on Spotify and after my first listen I noticed that THE SOUND BEE HD finally had released a true master piece again. It’s a wonderful mix between their early work and their newer style. So yes, I also purchased a copy for my personal collection.

This album is released as a 2-type version. It contains the same tracklist, but it has a different cover. A National store cover and a live limited / label store cover version. And the mini album contains 8 full tracks.

Tracklist + comment:
01. BLooD RaiN
This song is a fast upbeat song, which the power of wanting to headbang it contains a good heavy guitar and nice heavy bass parts. Also very nice electric sound effects. Vocal parts are lesser heavy, good singing. Vocal is included in the song as it should have been.

02. Fear Side!
This song has a more happy heavy soft sound. I really do like the drum part of this song, because its totally leads the song into great speed. the vocal part is also beautiful.

03. ReBoRN
ReBoRN is also a more calm song, with a few more heavy parts. The vocal is very melodic.

04. Yamanai ame
This song also has nice electric sounds effects. which will be perfect supported by the bass and drum. vocal part is calm but strong.

05. FEEL
FEEL is a calm Ballad kind of song. with a nice piano play at the backgrond.

Its a more calm song with few heavy elements, I personally don’t really like the vocal part. Its a so, so song. Not really out of the box or jumping out.  It also remembers me of an older songs they once created but I can’t remember which one that was.

07. spiral
Spiral is another song which don’t really plop out, it has some nice elements inside but the vocal part also doesn’t do it. However still a song which can be enjoyed easy.

08. silent Night
Another Ballad song, very calmly song. Beautiful lyric also really nice melody.  a song which can really though your heart.

Final thoughts.
This album isn’t that heavy, but totally nice written. Every melody fits there aren’t crazy screaming wtf parts. I really do like the mix of their newer and older style. Songs fit much greater than before. No clue how they did do this, but even today I do not regret for owning this album.

You can get this album at the official webstore HERE If you order more than 5000yen you will get free shipping.