We all saw the name nüe somewhere on some blogs and on a forum. But who are nüe? nüe is a wonderful band. which lyrics really can though someones heart.

Vocalist Tajima and Drummer Kazuya are the most known people for us oversea people of the band.

The band will hold a new ONEMAN show in October this year (10/16).  Also a bunch of other lives are planned for this year. And also they support Calmando Qual as opening act at Calmando Qual’s last LIVE at 2016/6/9.

nüe isn’t just a random visual band, no its  a band with lots of feelings.  You can feel their music deep into your heart when you listen to their music, or if you watch a live.
Even if you cannot watch them live at one of their gigs, it’s still possible to watch a live, because they released a live DVD of their live of 2015/09/16 which is available at the website. This live really shows that Tajima sings with his heart and it’s really beautiful to see.

Even if you cannot can go to any LIVE gig, its still possible to watch a live, since they released last year a DVD with their live of 2015/09/16. Maybe not their best live however the way Tajima sings this live really though someones heart. It’s so beautiful.

If you love visual kei but if you dislike the typical growling in now days visual kei you definitely should check out nüe.

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