Yesterday at 03/19 there was a convention named OSHARECON.
Oshare con main focus was fashion however also 2 Japanese bands were invited. Orochi Ryu and Satsuki. Oshare con was a prety small convention but it was interesting to see, Lot’s of people dressed up totally amazing.

I went for the first time in my life inside such kind of convention, well I never really visited a con before. Triple A Unit asked me to join and to help out as crew.

I arrived way to early, Oshare con already was open, but Orochi Ryu and HAL (support guitarist) and crew didn’t arrive yet. Since I had my bag with me with too much value stuff I didn’t check everything out. However even while sitting in the launch room, I saw some familiar faces to talk with and of course seeing everyone walking around dressed beautiful is also fun. Time did fly faster as expected. Finally bit after 2pm Orochi and crew arrived.  I saw the crew finally after many many years again. However Ryu and HAL I saw for the first time.  Both are really nice warm guys.with a truly good heart for their music.

Later in the afternoon Orochi went to stage to give their amazing great performance.
Only a pity that con’s never have real good music equipment even so the sound wasn’t that bad and even I could enjoy their show. good vocal, really good guitar play. Orochi is a band which I recommend to watch live, its the money worth.

After the show there was a cheki session and a signing session. Which everyone totally seemed to enjoy. The  Dutch people totally seemed to have enjoyed the show. People gave good feedback of the show. Many bought Cheki and other Merchandise. Enough people did watch the show. Which I’m glad about, because these 2 guys gave all and made a really good show.

Oh and everyone who came to see them…
Thank you for screaming LOUD!

Well until next time!
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