Calmando Qual, Monochrome MV DVD

We all know that there are less than 5 months left until this legend band will disband.
Which also gives the band only only a limited time to release some new stuff on DVD and CD. A few weeks ago the guys did release a new MV DVD. This time they created a MV from their song “Monochrome”. This song was included on their single “Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki” which was released back then in January 2013.
Monochrome is a very heartbreaking heart toughing song. One of their better songs they created in their SW time.

This DVD also comes with a brand new photo-set. 4 photos in total with their new look as a free bonus. another good reason why you should buy this DVD.

This DVD includes 4 live videos.
01. monochrome(MV)
02. insanity (Tak version) (LIVE)
03.Nuritsubusareta Elegy (MAYA version) (LIVE)
04. SCISSORS (Hibiki version) (LIVE)
05. DEATHSONG (Till version) (LIVE)
06. monochrome (monochrome version MV)

You still can get this DVD including the photoset at the official webshop. If you are a Calmando Qual fan, you really should get this DVD.

Official website: