Another stream is over, this time I only grabbed 8 rarez. One DVD was from a stream before this one… Well let’s start with the VHS!

2nd Effect, Toxic of pictures vol.2
VHS of one of the crazy visual kei bands 2nd effect which are disbanded already for a few years. However this VHS is pure rarez and I’m glad that I could push this VHS into my small collection of this amazing band. And I didn’t even need to battle for it to obtain it.   Thanks to Rob who was still sleeping 😀Ca22xWgWEAAxikT.jpg large

Gackt / Jesus:
We all know Gackt we all love Gackt somehow isn’t? I’m not a big fan of his area after 2006 but this is one of his best songs he created after that date! Jesus is a truly nice song which simply need to be in someones j-music collection.Ca2242dWIAAOjUF.jpg large

V/A album Shock Edge 2000.
I’m not a big fan of V/A albums actually however this CD contains good nice bands of that area. Bit more Soft Kei bands as Japanese fans call it, we call it White Kei.
Also I could grab this CD for cheap!
Ca22ymDWwAAXrqF.jpg large

Plastic Joke 2.
A little battle for this CD, I only paid 8 dollar. Sleep My Dear, Penicillin and media youth are on this CD.  Truly a nice V/A band.
Ca220MmWIAAnMtJ.jpg large

L’ivia – So far away
Another soft kei band. I don’t have any of their CD, but I like their soft sound a lot. And nobody seemed to be interested in this CD and Rob wasn’t there so I grabbed it.
Ca227eiWIAAPZEZ.jpg large

THE FUZZ – I do like Shun’s solo project. I actually don’t really care about video’s but well, it’s Shun, so I also bought this to put it in my the fuzz collection.

Fanatic Crisis – The Lost Innocent
I really do like soft kei, so this band also belongs to it. soft kei is always good for the ears. It’s not something you regret.
Ca226aFXEAA6ov5.jpg large

GLAY – Beloved
The last CD well mini-CD I got from this stream
Another unrated band GLAY. This band was well known in Japan back in the time but was never that loved overseas. still, I think they made great music.
Ca228h5WcAAOFck.jpg large