A while ago, Starwave Records released some lucky bags. I bought the Calmando Qual and the LIV’ERT lucky bag. Let’s take a look what was inside.

My Calmando Qual lucky pack did contain.
4 Cheki
3 CD [Deadmans party, Black Sheep, Zetsubou no Gosenfu]1x DVD [Vision in the Darkness]
1 Cheki Case
1 luckybag bonus DVD

If you bought this lucky bag you did got a special bonus DVD as an extra. This DVD contained 3 unplugged MV’s and a comment video.  However my luckybag wasn’t really that filled up with other interesting things. But that’s why its called lucky bag.

The LIV’ERT lucky bag was filled much better.  My bad contained.
1 Cheki case
1 wristband
6 Cheki
1  DVD (Psycho Resonance)
1 Lucky bag Bonus DVD.

Good filled, lot’s of cheki!
However the bonus DVD wasn’t interesting, it was just a random soundcheck video with not even something interesting. So I’m glad that the bag was filled nicely.