Synk;yet belongs to Starwave Records side label “Glendia”.

This CD came out in 5 versions, however I only grabbed 4 version while I was discovering Tokyo in September 2015.

Synk;yet is a visual kei rock band with an nice rock sound. Their music won’t blast you away, however they  know what they are doing. The voice of the vocalist is also good for the ears, it’s a kind of not that regular voice you hear.

2 versions also contained a piano track version. And that version is a really beautiful version. Which also shows the skills of the vocalist.


01. 自責ノ園
02. 青い忘却
02. Crimson Bloom
02. 自責ノ園 (Piano version)
02. 青い忘却 (Piano version)

You can check this release out for free at Spotify.
You can grab this single as legal download copy at itunes, cdbaby etc.