It took me some time to decide if I would buy this CD and DVD. The prices aren’t really that cheap. 2500yen for only 2 new songs and 4500yen for a DVD which quality isn’t even perfect.  However, artist also need to exist so I bought it.

nüe -Mother
Because this album contains songs of their very first release is a good catch if you didn’t bought the very first. Since I got it via the SW webshop I also did got an extra DVD with the song “Suicide honey”. You don’t even only see nüe in the video but also Misaruka Rui, Calmando Qual Hibiki and support bass Till. Which makes the price it more worth it.

Sadly this CD only contains 2 new songs. “Mother”is a very toughing song with good power and a lovely feeling, however it’s not that “catchy”. But still nice. The other song which is new is “Suicide Honey”. Which is also a nice song however the lyric and melody aren’t that amazing. But still it’s a nice song, it’s a good song for playing it live.
So after all Mother is a nice album if you didn’t purchased their previous releases yet.

Calmando Qual – Carnival of Freaks III
First of all the quality of the audio is sadly only 192kbps and the volume does sound low. So you really need to tune up your volume. The quality of the video is alright.
This oneman DVD is a good one, the setlist is nice. The band also plays with full power. They play way more powerful than on previous DVD’s. Hibiki’s vocal is really good.
If you are a fan of Calmando Qual you would love this DVD for sure. Because it’s always nice to see a concert if you cannot stand there yourself.