At the end of October Rarezhut made another live auction, actually I didn’t decide to buy something, but after seeing some nice CD’s I just had to join to buy a few items. Let’s take a look of what I bought this time. This time I bought 8 CD’s.

The Bullet – Last Quarter (PV editon)
Nobody seemed to be interested in this band. I thought they sounded nice. So I placed my bid and could grab it without any problem. Sadly this band is already disbanded. But lucky their music is still alive on CD!

DieS – Vector
DieS is also a nice band, I know this band thanks to Calmando Qual Tak. However he is not the reaosn why I like this band. I really love the sound of the bass and I really like the voice of the vocalist. It’s music which truly can catch your heart. This CD is only 1 song but also 2 photos as bonus. Truly nice. Those who didn’t check out this band yet, please search them.

Rapheal – 卒業
I’m actually a big fan of this band, but I don’t really care to own something of them. Still I placed a bid on this CD but a different person won this one. However that person didn’t play for his bidding so I came out as the highest bidder, so Val asked me if I was still interested.  I said sure, so I still grabbed a CD of this band.  I know this band since 2002.

Yukiya – Moment
I still don’t understand why there are only so less people loving this guy. His music isn’t bad played at all, his voice is also nice. This is a fun CD, its just one song but the song has 4 versions. Even a version with lot’s of “other famous” vocalist.

Lastier – Departures
Sadly this CD isn’t fully complete it miss the original lyric booklet. However it came with the photobook with a few nice band photos inside. I don’t think many people know this band, but I totally love their music. The song Kagerou is really amazing. If I ever can find music of this band again, I surely will buy it.

Rediean:Mode – 飴と鞭
I knew nothing about this band, but the sample Rarezhut played sounded amazing. Also nobody wanted to have their music. So then why not to grab it? I even asked one of my Japanese friends but he didn’t even know this band?!  However this is also classic softkei. And I really love such kind of visual kei music of back in the day.

Mejibray – Die Kusse
I’m not a fan of Mejibray anymore but when this CD came out I still loved their music. However this CD was a giveaway of the stream. The early Mejibray is still better than the music they compose now. Back then they really created a song with a great melody. But now days they just play something because it will sell anyway. DSC_1185

Kreis 1999 – V/A
It’s a good one, the songs which the bands did choose to appear on this V/A are all great. It’s a good purchase to add into my V/A collection which I really don’t regret.

I don’t regret any of these CD’s at all.
Also please check out Rarezhut, they sell really lot’s of nice rarez.