This name I saw very often when I was checking out if my favorite bands played in some live houses. And I was always interested to see them LIVE.
At 2015/09/04 I was lucky they played together with a band I also wanted to see.

Error:666 has a female vocalist. And the sound they deliver us belongs to Heavy Rock/Metal. Great music to go wild on. Their look is “dark”. Which fits their music perfect.
CVnLrSVUwAEbOB2.jpg largeIt’s 100% a band which we shouldn’t skip.  Because they know how to play music, how to perform. They are happy if fans come watch them and they are happy to talk with you.

They released their first full album on 2015/07/12. And of course I do recommend this album to you. After a 2nd real play listen I totally dig this album.  Album has heavy and a bit more calm songs. Totally a must listen for any heavy rock/metal fan around us.  It totally gives you a nice vibe.

I will watch this band live again if I get the opportunity again.
Their CD is available at itunes.

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