1.silent sky
2.an eye
3.under a cloud
4.no end in sight
6.suicide underground
8.bring forth

I saw their show on 2015.09.04, I went because I really was curious to their sound and there was nothing planned for that evening.  So I reserved my ticket last minute.  And until today I still do not regret for going to their show. A few more bands played that day, also Error:666 (I write also about them later).  But Nannou and Error:666 were both definitive the best bands of the day.

Nannou’s sound you can put into the dark/new wave/Gothic box, however their melody is very calm, however the melody of the songs have a nice dark dreamy atmosphere. Their lyrics are English and Japanese.  Every song fits on this album and have kind of same melody, which made it very easy to play this album over and over again without that you choose songs to play, so every song belongs into my own favorite list.
The vocal part is also calm, however each song is sung with lots of power on CD and also on Stage. Together with this voice and the strong melody you can fall easy deep inside the music.  I really do recommend this album to people who love “wave” style music.  This album belongs 100% into my list of favorite CD releases of 2015.
So be sure to check them out!

You can purchase this album at Closet Child

Nannou Official website
Nannou Offical Twitter