Not long after I booked my trip to Japan, LOUDNESS had announced a few more JAPAN live dates. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to go or not, because I would also see them in my own country. I missed the opportunity to get a VIP ticket for the show. However even with a sold out VIP show I could catch a normal ticket. My seat was on the 2nd floor (balcony), almost in the center. the last row of the first 4 rows of the 2nd floor. A really good seat actually. Because I could see everything perfect. And of course I did greet 2 LOUDNESS fans who’s seat was left of me. Both were not that old but at least I think 5~10 years older than me? Very kind guys. The most enjoying thing from such shows is always that there are so many old people. around 40ties or even 50ties. Which made a live show different than if there are only young people. Somehow way more social. I don’t know if the band SAW me. because I think its difficult to view all balcony rows from out the stage, but at least I hope one of them saw that I went to their show. (^_^)v
My favorite LOUDNESS member is the bassist Masayoshi Yamashita. I always cheer him! So if I see LOUDNESS again in my own country or somewhere in Europe, I’ll sure stand at his side.

So I went to their show in Tokyo, Shibuya. All by myself. I do have Japanese friends who do love LOUDNESS but they sadly couldn’t join. When I arrived at the hall, many many fans were already waiting for to be able to get in the hall. Lucky no rain. I bought a T-shirt, which is way too big and a towel, to remember this show. I kind of did restyled the T-shirt, but I somehow did rune it a bit, made a mistake by cutting out the collar. (whoops) However, I will try to fix it next year by styling it again, kind of cool T-shirt need it to be. After buying both I was looking for a place to sit down. to wait until the doors went open. I really enjoyed watching people. Younger and older people. people with loudness shirts people who joined directly after work. Kind of funny to see, a businessman in business clothes going to a METAL concert. Very cool!

First the VIP people could enter the hall and after they did enter everyone could enter. No number needed since everyone got a seat number anyway. So I could join a row after the VIP people did enter the hall. Then people did got the opportunity to buy CD’s to get drink and food. I did bought a cola… even did forgot to take the cola inside, so I did run back, and they did gave me the cola with a smile. So they did keep that cola. Lucky. (^_^)

The setlist which LOUDNESS played that day was truly great. Old songs and also a bunch of newer songs. Akira played everything amazing perfect again, as he always does. At the moment he is worlds 3rd best guitarist and he was the best for years too. He and also the other members also made lots of contact with the VIP people and they even did recognized some fans who where sitting on the balcony. Which is also amazing and kind that the band greet fans. Loudness played a setlist of 2 hours, well with a short break. In the break time we could see a short movie which told us the history of LOUDNESS. including lots of live footage even from America and Europe and of course many old photos. And fans really did love it! So yes the Setlist was great, headbang almost all the time and of course also enjoying in peace the song “So Lonely”, this time in Japanese.
Loudness truly proofed again that hey are worlds one of the best HEAVY METAL bands around. And I only can say I WANT MORE!

Te photos of the day.

As I already wrote I also saw LOUDNESS in my own country. Which was this time in BERGEN OP ZOOM. Not that near my home, so I went together with a few other people and I crashed on a friends place. Of course we were way to early at the hall, but lucky more LOUDNESS fans were waiting, so I went to talk with them and we talked a lot of how amazing LOUDNESS is, how often we saw them, which our favorite songs are etc. Very fun! Hopefully I see those people once more around. (^_^) In Netherlands so the country I live we don’t really have VIP concerts or a number on our ticket. So we just stand at the door and who was first can enter the hall. We even saw a bunch of Japanese fans. After entering the hall we already could buy merchandise and a few CD. I bought 1 T-shirt and 2 wristbands. Which were really cheap. However LOUDNESS wasn’t the only band who played that day 2 other bands also did play, I forgot the first band with the female vocalist, pretty nice band but not totally my taste. the 2nd band DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME played also a very damn rocking rock’n’roll!! I totally loved their show, their vocalist ANDY played with so much power. More vocalist should been like him. Totally nice dude and their band is 100% once of the bands I hope to see once more in my life too. Because even if I didn’t know them I could rock on their songs. So please check them out okay?!
Then finally LOUDNESS went on stage, I was standing at the side of the bassist, which I actually kinda did choose to stand. Because I love to cheer him. He plays his bass so lovely. Also very kind to all fans. I also had a good view to see Minoru Niihara the vocalist of the band. I also love to watch him. His English is good, he is easy to understand. Even if he is also not the youngest he knows every time again how to rock on stage.  At the end of the show while they played their last encore song, Masayoshi did gave me his LAST plectrum. Which is of course still my treasure!  The band sadly didn’t gave signatures after the show. However because we didn’t go right away home after the show we could meet the members for a short moment when they left the hall. I said a few words to Minoru and to Masayoshi and of course I did shake their hands. When they left with the car everyone was waving us goodbye and of course we did wave them goodbye.  And we fans could go home with a smile!
And so I also remind that evening as one of my best days ever.

While going to my friends place I did tweet to loudness and Akira to thank them all, and Akira even used my photo to thank the Dutch fans! Thank you very much! And so much retweets.

I really want to thank LOUDNESS for playing such great music. It always let me smile!!
Keep on ROCKING!!

Thank you