Going to concerts in Japan, yes that’s a hobby.
This time I went to Ikebukuro Chop.


This day I was invited by WZC, a band which has a different line-up today. But at that day they played with a special line-up  DEE LEE from 2 bullet played the bass guitar for them. Which gave WZC an amazing cool sound. It was the first time that I saw WZC so I enjoyed the gig silent, not really jumping around. But it was not that bad. Hopefully this band will grow and grow. I can’t wait until I can see them again, because I really think they can grow into something cool. They sound fun. From this live there isn’t a youtube video available anymore. But this is how they sound and look now:

2 bullet played as headliner, of course because they created this event.
I also never saw 2 bullet before. in 2012 and 2014 they didn’t play a show at all while I was in Japan. So now finally I could see them. I totally love the music of 2 bullet, its industrial music with metal elements. Totally lovely. And with this kind of music, yes then you will move your ass! 😀

2 Bullet gave everyone a wonderful show and I keep hoping that more people will check their shows out. Always much power on stage.  In my eyes they were so much better than I expected them to be. Yes, someday I hope to see them again.  Because its really fun to see them on stage. And also after everyone played, everyone came inside the hall to have some after talk with everyone. Which was totally fun that day. Great memories were made. Thank you very much.

Of course I ended up with the newest CD of 2 Bullet “Marching to Disorder”
which got a damn beautiful line in the booklet

…and in the memory of Sen Matsumoto

I will write about Sen later this month.

Anyway this CD is great and I highly recommend everyone who loves this style of music to buy this album. I totally love it!

So if you are in Japan, please be sure to check out these 2 bands.


WZC and 2 Bullet.
Thank you very much for this day.