THE VACK’S a power ROCK’N’ROLL band from Japan.

In September (9/5) I went to Japan almost special to see them. (laugh). Well nope, I was lucky that they planned a live while I was there, this time they played in Yokohama in a small bar. I really was happy that I could finally meet everyone because the 2 times I went to Japan before I didn’t saw them live.  When I went to the venue after checking the area and after eating a bit at KFC I saw the vocalist Ryo-suke in front of the bar smoking a cigarette. (laugh) And soon after Rosy (Drummer) also joined and also HERO (guitarist) joined the talk and meet for a little bit until it was time to go inside. I also did meet a special fan “Izumi” a very nice and kind woman. She was so sweet to me.  She also took care to bring me back to Shinjuku.  She follows the band members everywhere, aka, all music projects. Because yes the other bands the guys play also in are also very great bands and very nice and fun to listen too, of course to watch its also amazing. If I should believe the amazing photos!
Rosy also gave me his “drumkey” which is my talisman now. (^o^)v

Alright lets go back a bit to 9/5
THE VACK’S played as the first band, they played 9 songs that night. an very nice setlist. very enjoying! They closed their setlist with “working man” a song which you can get if you buy their mini album. It’s one of my favorite songs!
In the end, I’m super glad that I visited this gig and that I also saw some more amazing rock bands the same evening. It was super amazing to meet everyone.

So if you are in Japan, be sure to check them out, they often play with  more amazing bands. You will enjoy it for sure, also if you are bit more older its also nice to be around under “older” fans.
Their schedule can be always checked HERE

2015 11/21 Shinjuku Jam