After not such long while Xaa-Xaa gives us again a brand new single. 3 new tracks.

The first track (Yuki Tokei) we all already know from youtube because they released the full PV on their official channel. It’s a warm nice ballad.  Kazuki’s voice sounds really heart toughing what I totally love of this band. The melody of the song but also how this song is sung is totally played with feelings and warmth. Just as songs should be. It’s no way that you could dislike this song.

The 2nd track Tulip stats with a nice up-beating drum followed by nicely played guitar. Kazuki’s voice sounds lesser warm but still damn rocking and warm. Somehow this song reminds me of a different song which I cannot come up with 1,2,3 (maybe a DEZERT song?) But the up-beating melody fits he song. only the “yai” or whatever sound it is, sounds a bit funny. which wasn’t really need of to put inside. Also with this track Xaa-Xaa proofs that they are a great band.

The 3rd track Waraitai kedo Waraenai is also an amazing song, however as people already said the end after the silence is simply useless. But hey we can cut that off the song.  But its a nice upbeating song too, but a fast melody. nicely played. lesser warm voice but Kazuki’s voice is great anyway. But I still miss some real heaviness inside this one. It could be more crazy and wilder.

Xaa-Xaa is once again to put old style of music into a nice newer jacket without songs sound way to mainstream of these days. It’s still one of the newest promised bands who also care to provide some good music aside their awesome look.  I’m looking forward to the next release