Sweet x Home is also one of new visual kei bands which we don’t need to forget about to check them out.Aside their nice look they also know how to create good music. This single is maybe not that good as their last 2 songs which they released. (the one on the website and their last single) But that doesn’t mean that this single is easy to enjoy.

This single contains only 2 tracks.

Paralysis: It’s a nice track which also reminds me a bit of  “BOSS BATTLE in game” music but also it reminds me a bit of Acid Black Cherry (only little bit). This song is also easy to dance and jump on. Its an easy song to like. It’s not a “WOW” song. But its totally fun to play.

Life&Penalty: In this track Kasuri voice comes out the best. Still this track doesn’t do it that much for myself. But also it somehow has a cool “in game” melody.  The song also starts way more heavy than the song actually is which is a pity, because I love heavy heavy heavy. But they do a good job in, heavy parts and slower parts. heavy, slow, heavy slower… they way a song doesn’t get annoying to me. It’s a nice B track and its stays a B track for me.


Hopefully this band will grow into more greatness and keep on going to make quality music. Because the start is really good. I’m looking forward to the next releases.