Price: 3,000円
01. セルフネグレクト
02. 深海
03. 樹海
04. サイレン
05. スーサイドハニー
06. 甘い蜜
07. 境界線

First of all I have to say that I really like the music of nüe on CD. I really love them. Of course I decided to buy their LIVE DVD, because they didn’t play a gig when I was in Japan. Taketoshi doesn’t have an awful voice, his voice is alright. It’s good. I did hear him singing karaoke via twitcast. Which sounded good. So without thinking of if nüe would sound good live, I simply trowed 3000yen towards Starwave Records, which is actually way to much for only 7 songs, own burned disk etc. But okay it was the only way to see them live.

My thoughts.
The live performance isn’t good but also not bad.
Taketoshi sings with feeling, sometimes he forget to “sing clean”, which made it sound something bad or totally WTF. Yet again Taketoshi sings with feeling and with much joy which is nice to see. He put on a nice show, however somehow I think he can do better. The songs sound pretty different then from the recording CD version, which isn’t that big deal. However the bass and guitar sometimes they totally play out of tune, or just not right, which me want to skip to the next song. Those riffs sound way better on CD 100% the guitar riffs. The drum riffs are absolute amazing but thats because they have one of the best drummers Kazuya who supports dieS. So I’m not that satisfied about the melody it sounds most of the time horrible.

For me, nüe still has to grow a lot to be a really amazing live band, they only can grow and I’m sure they will grow into something much better. It was nice to watch them LIVE via a DVD and I’m looking forward to their next works, however I will not buy their next LIVE DVD, but I would join a concert if I would have a chance.

I’ll keep up on my support by buying their future CD’s. Because I’m really interested in more music of this band.