Full concert of their gig at 2015/7/14 Ikebukuro CYBER [Dark Ambition Exposed]~無料スリーマンスペシャル~

This DVD could been purchased for a limited time in the official Starwave webshop and it was also available to buy at Starwave Fest 11 and 12.
This DVD was limited to 44copies only!. The price of the DVD was 3000 for 8 songs and 43min of footage. It was filmed with 3 cameras and the audio quality is 192kbs. Also the DVD was own burned and not produced anywhere outside of Starwave office.

01. 抜け殻
02. ネガ×ネガ×ネガ
03. CRUSH!
04. born IQUAL pain
05. モノクローム
06. 偽りと憎しみの間で
07. Phantom
08. 一雫の永遠
09. 塗りつぶされたエレジー
10. Death Song

The first 2 songs of the DVD aren’t that awesome filmed it contains lot’s of Hibiki shots only and the full venue shots are not full screen which is a pity since it’s nice to see how many fans attended the show.
The first 5 songs the band lacked somehow power, the songs are okay played but it felt as they played without their power I knew of them. Tak still played his guitar beautiful. But the real Calmando Qual vibe wasn’t to hear.
However when they started to play their 6th song 偽りと憎しみの間で the power came back, the power inside Hibiki returned and he sang it with his true power.
Next up is the song PHANTOM, which also was played and sung amazing. PHANTOM is a song which isn’t released on CD yet. After PHANTOM they played another new song “一雫の永遠” Also the guys played this song perfectly.  Up to the next song “塗りつぶされたエレジー” nothing wrong to say about this song too. Good played, sung not that awesome but that’s not that important for this song. The last song of this day and setlist is Death Song, as always the short fast version with only Death Death Death Song, Suicide Suicide in the lyric. Which is always played heavy fast and wild. Can’t really go something wrong with this song. It’s a nice one to close a LIVE.

The recording of the video wasn’t really done amazing. But yet it was watchable and it was listenable. Also it’s not the band best live. However it’s still nice to watch a concert of this band again.

RATING: 3 out of 5

DVD is SOLD OUT. It cannot be purchased anymore.