Scarlet Valse DVD [Music Video collection I]
On sale at live venues from September 25 through October 25, 2015, and via the online shop for a limited time

At September 25 Scarlet Valse will be party their 4th anniversary.
They will finally release the MV of Dear” will be released also those who will go to the live at 9/25 will get the MV of “Virginal Blood” for free. Also the 2 popular songs “Road of the Dream” and Virginal blood will be added as live video from the one-man live gig of December.

Disc number: SWSVD-1
Label: Starwave Records
Price: 3,000yen (tax in)
Limit 50 copies

DVD playlist:
01. Agehachou no yume
02. Secret Eden
03. Larme
04. Story
05. Dear
06. Road of the Dream (live)
07. Virginal Blood (live)