Finally my copy of Calmando Qual / 絞殺された理想と赤い部屋 arrived at my home.
Of course I did check it out right away! was it worth the money?
Calmando Qual never really disappoint me. It’s really rare if it happens.

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DVD playlist:
01.Re:born (MV)

As usually a venue PV. And those who know me, know that I dislike venue PV’s/one location PV’s a lot. They are simply for me boring to watch, not interesting. However those who love such PV’s it is nicely shot. (^_^)/

02.Kousatsusareta risou to akai heya (MV)

This MV totally disappoint me, the lyric is such deeply, very creepy lyric. A perfect lyric for a nice story PV. But… nothing much does happen at all. They could do so much better…

03.March 16, 2015 Ikebukuro EDGE one-man off shot

99% sound check, little bit dressing room shot. Sound checks aren’t really that interesting, but for those who love it, it has a pretty long footage of the sound check. It’s all black white.

04.March 16, 2015 Ikebukuro EDGE one-man digest

LIVE FOOTAGE! about 35min long. Also all black white. After watching it, I’m really aiming to a DVD with the FULL LIVE of this day. I would gladly pay another 3000-3500 to be able to see the FULL ONE MAN GIG. However then hopefully in color. I keep my fingers crossed that they will release a DVD of that ONE MAN gig in the future.

I’m happy that I saw footage of the ONE MAN gig, even if it aren’t the full songs. But if I knew that the PV of 絞殺された理想と赤い部屋 was such disappointing… Then I guess then I wouldn’t have bought it. because I rather to have a full LIVE DVD.
But I do not regret it.