Remember my post from Antikythera best album?
It is now possible to buy this album in digital format at bandcamp.
Bandcamp offers all audio formats including lossless.

ECHOUDION ¥2,100 (14 songs)
ECHOUDION cover art

You also can buy one more work from the First Down Records label.
Denki Monologue 7. Which was actually released last year.
Denki Monolugue ¥900 (6 songs)
denki monologue 7 cover art
01.manic in default / migii
02.キスインザダーク / orchestral the ambient carnival U
03.skull bloom garden (電ver.) / ロクダマカルタ
04.シャンデリアの雨 / The Vio
05.dreamwall / 神宮カミト
06.タイトル / hanon