Not very long ago Tokami released a new mini album called PARADOX. It’s truly an amazing mini-album which you have to check out. However short after that release their was an announcement of another LIVE DVD called RADIANT.
I was happy to get that news, because Tokami is a great live band so I once threw my money to Starwave Records and Tokami to get these 2 master pieces.

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To NEVER ever supporting SW bands again? Well that’s actually impossible.

But for Tokami I’m happy to make an exception.  I also know that Tokami 1000 is also doing a lot with video editing etc. So I don’t doubt that the guys don’t get “enough” money passed inside the Tokami “money bottle”. Which for me is important that a band under a “small” label get what they need to get.

I follow Tokami since their first release under Starwave Records. I was highly impressed back then… but their music wasn’t my cup of tea for 100%. Back then Tokami had one more member, so the music still sounded good enough for me. However after that member did leave Tokami the band had an area of releasing only “so so so” music. But since KAZUHA did joined Tokami the band found their REAL VIPE and power. Their music sound finished and not just as… something unfinished.

Paradox was released at 6/24 official in stores and online as legal download and as always also on Spotify. So of course I checked them out on Spotify first. Because the preview didn’t sound good enough to me.

The first track Unconscious is an SE. However this instrumental track sounds a bit trashy and it’s not that nice for my ears, so I skip this song. Track 6 Metempsychosis is also an SE. (PIANO loop playing)

The other 5 tracks are full songs.
02. Radiant (heavy song, grunting and clean vocal)
03. 葬影-送リ火ノ空- (slightly heavy, clean vocal only)
04. Day after day (a bit heavy, clean vocal only)
05. CORE (heavy song, grunting and clean vocal)
07. Lost memory   (Slower song, clean vocal only)

Clean sining, grunting, heavy guitar, heaviness in drum. it all fits together.
CORE is a lesser nice song however somehow the song also has a good vibe but it’s not a song which I will ever really love.
Tokami proofs again that they are a great band and that it was a good decision that Kazuha joined the band, which I even until today really surprised at. Because I didn’t like Kazuha in Blood or Sound Bee at all. Agato’s voice is truly beautiful his grunting is also good. Tokami isn’t a meijibray or grieva or something similar to these 2 bands.. (lucky they are not). But I guess if you like that kind of bands you also can enjoy Tokami. Just give them a try even if they are under SW. To me, they are together with Calmando Qual and nüe the best SW bands which we should support with BUYING their music.  And there is no reason to hate a SW band even if YOU dislike Kiwamu. His bands do their best to release always something good. Tokami is truly one of them who know how to create a good CD. So please support by all means.

Favorite tracks: Radiant and Lost Memory
Mini album rating: :4.5:

BUY at Starwave shop
CDBABY (FLAC available) (they charge a bit of extra tax, (The tax currency of your country) But still highly recommend!)

PARADOX preview:

I was really happy that they released another DVD with a gig. This DVD came also with the PV of Radiant, the PV is the standard 1 place only PV. Which I’m not a fan off, but the song is great.
The live gig footage is filmed as always in indie quality, but it’s good enough to create a DVD from it. This time this hall didn’t gave good good quality, however the quality of the music is very good. Which is more important than video quality.
Tokami still sounds better on CD, however it’s truly fun and interesting to watch them LIVE on a DVD. 100% if you saw them already in the past at a live concert. Or if you simply are curious how they would sound LIVE.  Tokami is very powerful live the members also move around a lot on the stage and it’s not boring at all to watch them live. Agato’s voice is good, he didn’t catch the high tones always but you cannot call him a bad vocalist.

DVD playlist:
01. Radiant (MV)
02. Yuutsunaru futashikana asu, hohoemino saki ni tsuita uso
03. Addicted Lover
04. Luminescence
05. Sayonaranohateni amewafurite
06. Lemurian Seed
07. Vendetta
08. Crimson Sky

There is still time to buy this DVD in the webshop, however it’s still limited available. 6 copies left and it will be available to buy until August 8. You won’t regret to spent 3000yen for this.
Even if you can call it an official bootleg, since it’s an own production. Quality is fine, Tokami is great live, you will get an MV. So what’s holding you back?