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I always wanted to buy their CD, but the prices of getting them always did hold me back. So I was glad that I saw someone selling these CD.
Cell is truly a amazing band with a good vocalist and of course also good other musicians only sadly their line-up has recently changed in a 2 member band?. KON (vocalist) has really bad luck all his amazing music projects where stopped to soon. However I hope that he can restart CELL somehow with different musicians and that he keep this name. Whatever he will do I will follow him!


Another order from the RAREZHUT. I really recomment the shop. This was also a batch out of an unboxing streaming event.

FUZZ the S.S.C2 – アイ
The Fuzz, only about a week to go and then they are official disbanded. (T_T) their last gig will be on 6/6.
I don’t know why I did start to listen to Shusuke’s solo project, but somehow I liked his voice and the music behind his voice pretty much. I keep on collecting and collecting. Hopefully I will find the more recent CD’s too.

Black Klaxon – 「ReMake」Sample CD
To be honest I never ever checked out that band before. So it was a purchase gamble. I thought oh it’s a sample CD, it’s more rare than a REAL normal copy. Sample CD’s are often those for normal shops, or simple to give away to special people. It has the full songs, it was a nice band. So I do not regret it!

V.A. – 妖幻鏡Ⅱ
I actually didn’t want this CD. but since there wasn’t that much what I had bought I did bid on this one. I don’t know any of the bands. It’s not a bad V.A. album but it will be never my favorite. (laugh)

ZUCK – 「遺伝アルゴリズム」店頭用CD+DVD
Another SHOP version CD or something?. 100% not for sale. haha. It also had all full songs, it even has the bonus song. Of course getting the real shop version is nice, because of booklet but to have such kind of version is also special. it also came with a DVD with some 100% SHOP promo video. because of so much information on the PV. well PV? I guess it where previews of a few PV’s.

V.A. – OBSESSION-3-同化NIGHT 2012.7.4 simokitazawa MOSAiC
Live DVD with dieS, Dish and Suicide Ali.
I bought it because of dieS, I really do love dieS a lot, its an amazing band with many great songs. I also really do love them live.

V.A. – OBSESSION-3-同化NIGHT 2012.7.4 simokitazawa MOSAiC SPECIAL DVD
They sold it separate. of course I won it! nobody can win from me if its about dieS. haha
This DVD contains the encore. (I guess). Also very amazing!

dieS – 『発情』初回特典映像”S”
Just a shop bonus DVD. this one had a part of a concert they did gave. Also it has a part of the gig sound check.

La’Mule – 時ノ葬列
One of the best visual kei bands ever.


More “the FUZZ”. Also bought 2nd handed. But the CD wasn’t even opened yet. It was the last full album. The other CD of the FUZZ is a live distributed single.

And then we have SIVA an undercode bad. of course already disbanded as so many bands of undercode. It’s a nice band, I didn’t know them yet, CD was also not opened yet so why not trying it out. No regrets!

After all, again nice CD’s inside of my Japanese CD collection. It’s growing. it’s growing. and in about a week of 3 I got another batch of 22 CD. so please look forward too!