REMNANT went for a short European tour to Netherlands, Austria and Greece, my own story will be about the date in The Netherlands at Thursday April 23 2015.

REMNANT is active since 2009 and had a few member changes in the past years. However members Marie (vocal) and Takmi (Guitar) are still together. Rober__tJ (narration & performance) wasn’t part of this tour because of his trip to the USA.
Their music belongs to Dark Wave, not a music genre for everyone however REMNANT knows how to create good music and doing a wonderful show.

I also had the opportunity to ask Marie a few questions before the live show started.
There was only very little time. but please enjoy this small interview. 
Also a big thank you, to Kimberly (AVO STAFF) with helping me a little bit!

Interview REMNANT official fanwebsite
Taken by: Ryu


– How do you know each other?
Marie: Takmi was looking for band members and a friend of him knew me and so we came in contact.

– Why did you decide to call your band REMNANT?
Marie: (asking Takmi); Because the pronounce of the word REMNANT is very beautiful.

– Why did you decide to play this genre of music?
Marie: Because of our love for Horror (movies) and love for Gothic.

– Marie you write all lyric’s isn’t? Do you write first the lyrics before Takmi compose a song, or does Takmi first compose the song before you write the lyric?
Marie: Takmi first compose the song and then he let me listen to the song, so that I can write a lyric to the song.

– What is the most difficult thing for being in a band?
Marie: The need to be always creative.

– Did you  have thought of joining a music label? Or do you want to stay independent?
Marie: Some years ago we joined Velvet Eden label “Panther Pink”. But that didn’t work out that well. For the future we want to stay independent under our own label Clockwork records.

– If REMNANT could make a movie, about what would it be about?
Marie: It would be a beautiful scary sad horror movie with children.

I want to thank REMNANT for making this interview possible.
Also a big thank you, to Kimberly (AVO STAFF) with helping me a little bit!
I want to thank AVO for letting me taking this interview.

PART 2 – 2015/05/11
What are the day steps of preparing for a live gig?
Marie: Regarding of a gig of Europe tour we took six month steps of preparing

What is the most difficult thing about creating an album or single?
Takmi: It’s very important to create the right atmosphere for REMNANT. The lenght of the duration of a song and the lyrics should fit to the image.

What is your favorite place in Tokyo? and why?
Takmi: I really like Shibuya. Sometimes it’s important to me because it has everything I need.

What is your favorite live venue to play at? and why?
Takmi: I like Shinjuku JAM. The obsolete atmosphere is good. It’s the venue of a our upcomming organized event.
If REMNANT could be the opening act for any band in the world, which band would it be?
Takmi: There are so many, so I cannot choose. But if REMNANT would do an opening act for an outdoors event, it will be fascinating.

MisanthoroPia – was released at the end of 2013. Its a very nice album with a nice dark atmosphere. What was the biggest inspiration source for this album?
Takmi: There is much reflected inspiration in the production of MisanthoroPia. It’s difficult to answer it specifically. But I can give you one of our inspirations; The horror movies of the film director Guillermo del Toro director where big inspirations.

Your favorite song of “MisanthroPia” and why?
Takmi: [Death wish] is my favorite. I think it’s a song which worldview only can be expressed as REMNANT, including the production of the Show.

Marie, how do you get your inspiration for writing your lyrics?
Marie: At first I hear the made song and I bound the view of vampires sometimes or my experience and horror movies world view etc

I know your real age is a secret, but since you are not from this living world what is your undead(vampire) age?
Takmi: I reply that there at least 100 years passed XDD

Marie has studied in France, what did you study over there? Only the language?
Marie: In France I have studied in French at the school I stay in Paris and go to the school everyday The school was teached language but also French culture and communication and express what I mean in French

Marie and Takmi you two have both a dog. what is his/her name? And do you have more pet’s?
Takmi: I have a chihuahua and she is called a Sally. Sally is my only pet.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? beer, wine??
Takmi: I drink almost no liquor. But I like plum liquor.

Is anybody in the band a good cook?
Marie: it’s me haha

Do you like Kabuki?
Takmi: I didn’t saw any kabuki show yet. It’s a Japanese traditional entertainment, so I’d like to see it sometime.

What is the best memory of the short European tour?
Takmi: I really feel happy about that I could meet the fans of REMNANT of all countries which we did visited this time. It’s really reliable to have many people who say that they like an underground band like us in foreign countries.

Netherlands, Austria and Greece, what did you surprised the most, of those countries?
Takmi: I found that the air of every country was moderate and dry, and the good sound. I was surprised at the good meaning.

Is there any song which you would like to cover?
Takmi: For example, it would be exciting if REMNANT could cover and arrangement a song of Madonna.

Your Japanese favorite band?
Takmi: LUNA SEA is my favorite of all the time since the past.

What is your own biggest inspiration to be creative?
Takmi: When I encountered the regrettable situation in daily life, it’s imagined.


Before the show started there was a DJ called “DJ NACHTRAAF”, he played lots of “Goth” typical music, which was very enjoying to listen to and it truly did fit to REMNANT’s show. While the DJ played his set people had the opportunity to buy some REMNANT merchandise, which Marie sold herself to everyone.
After about 15-20 minutes, REMNANT entered the stage for starting the show.
Marie was dressed in a beautiful white dress, which you totally remember of some horror movies. She looked like a beautiful undead ghost.  Takmi was dressed in beautiful black coat and he did bring his coffin guitar with him. His hair was full of dreads and his make-up was a ghost bloody crying face.
Because the stage was very small the band couldn’t move much on the stage however Marie danced a bit with her beautiful peacock fan.  Takmi moved as wild as possible at one spot also he went to sit down for a while to play his guitar for a few calmer songs.
After all both showed us a beautiful concert and it passed to fast. After the concert DJ NACHTRAAF continued to play his DJset. People could dance, relax or to have a little chat with REMNANT. And of course there was also little time to be on a photo with REMNANT.

This evening was a very enjoying. And I truly hope to see them back someday again!~

Setlist [Under the Darknight] European Tour
01 Covenant (SE)
02 Darkness coming
03 Eternity of Children
04 Progeny of blood
05 SE
06 Darkness eve-revive
07 Ghost
08 Death wish
09 Insensate (MC)
10 Das Ende
11 Secret Amour
12 La mer Morte
13 Absolve from restriction (SE)
14 Fallen
15 Requiem
16 Witches’ Sabbath
17 Blind Sunday
18 Apocalypse (SE)

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*photo credit: Ryu Nagashiwa, if republished please let me know

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