Misaruka will release a new limited CD [-この桜が舞い散ってゆく頃に- (-Kono sakura ga maichitteyuku koro ni-)]. Which will be on sale via the online shop and at live venues only. This CD will be on sale from March 31 until May 7.  The CD includes 1 song and the voiceless version of the song. Also this release comes with an artist photoset.

Also Misaruka changed their name from ミサルカ into the romanji version “Misaruka”. Also their logo changed.
catalog number: SWMRD-8
Label: Starwave Records
Price: 2,000 yen (tax included)
Format: CD-R + New artist photo set
Limit: 50 copies (5 at the webshop)
CD Playlist:
01. -この桜が舞い散ってゆく頃に-
02. -この桜が舞い散ってゆく頃に-(Voiceless version)


E-MAIL: info@starwaverecords.jp