Synk;yet has announced at their one-man live”Expanding Inner Core-THE FINAL-” at TSUTAYA O-West at 2015/03/26 that they changed their label to “GLENDIA”. GLENDIA is the brand new sub-label from Starwave Records.
Also they have announced that they will release a new single (2 songs) “自責ノ園(jiseki no sono)”  which will be released at 2015/08/05. As usually the maxi single will be sold in advance at their present live “自責ノ園(jiseki no sono)” at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2015/07/15. [track list] 01.自責ノ園(jiseki no sono) | 02.青い忘却(aoi boukyaku)

Also the band will hold a one-man live tour “心中ノ園(shinjuu no sono)” . That tour will start at 2015/09/01 at Urawa Narciss and the tour final will be in Shinjku ReNY at 2015/10/23.

GLENDIA Official website
Synk;yet Official website