Bask in the deep was grouned in 2010 by vocal/guitarist 平阪昌也 and Bass 山本伸彦.  Their first live was in Augustus of the same year.
Drummer 木立梢悟 joined the band at February 2012.  Also in that year they released their first Demo single. Later in the same year they released their first E.P. At the end of 2013 (November) they released their first Mini album. In October 2014 they released their 2nd E.P. and a new member joined in November guitarist 青木淳平.
And in March 2015 they released their 3rd E.P. which will be only sold at their live gigs.

Their music has a strong emotional feeling. Which you can clearly hear back in the voice of the vocalist. Pain, joy etc it all can been felt.
This band is very strong live and you shouldn’t miss them if you have a chance to see them.

bask1 1st demo single

※Not available at the moment

01. 桜と羽根と



bask2 1st E.P.
※LIVE sold only

01. 鍵穴
02. 影絵ヶ丘
03. スイソウ


bask31stMini Album  (Buy @closet child)
想雨奏葬 (¥1,200)

01. 堕罪の日
02. 灰籠
03. 赫色
04. 真白の部屋に
05. 雨夜の月
06. 水無月

bask42ndE.P. (Buy @closet child)

01. 紅蓮
02. 滅びの森
03. 陽炎


メロウ/露光 (¥500)
※LIVE sold only

01. メロウ
02. 露光



Live Schedule:
03.18 池袋手刀
03.27 大阪・西九条BRAND NEW
04.21 下北沢Club251
04/27 池袋手刀


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