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Acid Black Cherry 4th album. A release which is better than my first exceptions.
This album came in 3 versions; I’ll decided to review only the CD only (itunes) version.

Acid Black Cherry, “Janne Da Arc” vocalist yasu solo project is around our hearts for many years already. He creates good music he creates perfect music. This release brings you more calmer songs with a taste of heavy rock.

With “L” yasu proves again that he is a true musician who can write true music. Music which is written with the heart. Music which has a story. Music which is written with time.

What about the already released tracks?
On this album again there are only 4 songs which we already know, for myself I didn’t like 3 of them. Well I liked INCUBUS but, INCUBUS felt as it was not “ready”, not finished. Since it was an introduction to this album. I really did do like GREED GREED GREED, which has such cool rock feeling. The 2 others, Kimi ga inai, ano hi kara… and Kuro neko ~adult black cat~ didn’t get my attention at all, when they where released as a “single”. I didn’t like them.

But are the single songs now enjoyable?
My answer is “YES”. Somehow this album made all 4 single songs good songs. songs who flow easy inside the album. songs who you won’t put off, even if they aren’t liked as “single” songs. It’s a bit strange, but this is what happens more often if you listen to the work of Acid Black Cherry.

What about the new songs? are they enjoyable?
Of course they are, I’m glad that yasu did choose to create more calm rock songs. The music is a bit more lighter. But still with a beautiful rocking sound. There is only 1 new songs which I don’t really like and that song is “Versus G”.
I truly love; Round & Round “L-Eru”, liar or LIAR, Loves, &You. Those lyrics and sound are splendid, very beautiful, songs which really though your heart. And who really made me fall for this album. Also it was a very good choice to put “Round & Round” as the first track on this album. It introduce you calm but with a rock sound inside this album. You won’t get enough of this album after you put this one on!

How does the album really feel?
Even if some of us prefer more the harder rock songs, I still think that everyone can enjoy this album highly. Since this album has so much inside. hard rock, light rock also a slight of pop sound. It has cheerful tunes, it has sad tunes. The lyrics are sad, are happy, it can let you cry, it can let you smile. It is a love album. Some tracks even let you remember of “Janne Da Arc”, but that’s cool! Since some of us really miss them and it always gives a good feeling when those tunes turn up. Also yasu’s voice, it really though your heart in this release. Those who didn’t bought this album, really will regret it.

A slight detail to the sound, song by song:
♪♪♪ heavy rock | ♪♪ hard rock | ♪ soft rock
♪ 01.Round & Round
♪♪ 02.liar or LIAR?
♪♪♪ 03.S&M
♪ 04.Kimi ga Inai, Ano Hi kara…
♪ 05.L-Eru-
♪♪♪ 06.Greed Greed Greed
♪ 07.7 Colors
♪ 08.~Le Chat Noir~
♪♪♪ 09.Kuro Neko 〜Adult Black Cat〜
♪♪♪ 10.Versus G
♪ 11.Nemurenu Yoru
♪♪ 12.Incubus
♪ 13.Loves
♪ 14.& You

As you can notice it is a very calm album with a few more heavy rock tracks.
This album has also not the “electric rock sound” which many visual kei and other kind of bands add to their music. Which I’m really happy with. Because creating an album which sound like “L” is much more special and showing your fans that you really can “create” music.
Which I also did notice by listen to this album over and over is when “& You” ends it actually flows again inside the first track “Round & Round”. You don’t really notice that the album has ended. Which also makes it impossible to put the album off, because if flows over and over.

Album rating:
I never did expect such great album after I did listen to the 4 previous singles. I never thought that this album could be so great. Its the best work yasu has given us in his solo carreer. Acid Black Cherry did it again, to publish a great album. It’s not strange that more and more people will like them, because they deliver again and again good music.