Antikythera will release their first beld album “ECHOUDION”. At the meanwhile Kamito is the only member of the band.


The CD will be able to purchase at bandcamp, Closet Child and their official webshop at 2015/03/07 (13 songs, 2,500yen) .
Some of the songs will be released as a remix version  and certain songs will be re-recorded.  Also the best album will include their new song and all songs are remixed by 古川とも(furukawa tomo)(Guniw tools).

Echoudion Antikythera  2009-2014 Best Album
01.霧の中の展翅 (from: HAZEL)
02.Estampie (from: HAZEL)
03.指先の筵 (from: HAZEL)
04.Easy eery words (from: HAZEL)
05.Infantile corpse (from: HAZEL)
06.Narrow step (from: PUNCTURE)
07.DDP(Dear Doctor Pepper) (from: PUNCTURE)
08.百年の標本 (from: HAZEL)
09.体温の無い歌姫 (from: HAZEL)
10.優しい針 (from: HAZEL)
11.厭世のエンドロール (from: PUNCTURE)
-Bonus track-
12.Ghost of romantic echo machine (new song)
13.Puncture in the glitter line (oldriver mix)

If you are in Japan at the rlease date 3/7 you can join the release party event
3/7(土)池袋手刀 (Ikebukuro Chop)
-Antikythera Best Album 「ECHOUDION」release party-
OPEN18:00 / START18:30
pre-sale¥2,000(+1d) / door¥2,500(+1d)
【Band line up】
Noire Neige
Lost Humanic

Kamito was guest at the online show “Secret Kurowozetto Second Season“. Which you can watch back at youtube.

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