The wait was long, but Alice Nine finally make their return into the music busniness again after a year of silence. And they returned stronger than ever before. They also changed their name into “A9”

Also they started a crowdfund project to gain 5,000,000yen, money which they will use for; photoshoots, creating music videos, recording.  And as a thank you for your donation you will get something in return.

Go to their crowfund information page:
Go to their crowfund payable page:
It’s on sale until March 30/31 (depends on your timezone, ).
Sapphire supporters: 3,000yen
You will get the release one week before.

Sapphire Supporters 30dollar
■You will get all songs data one week before release.

Crystal supporters: 80dollar
■You will get Hi-Res all songs data one week before release.
■You will also get Full HD data of the plug song MV.

Diamond supporters: 200 dollar
■You will get Hi-Res all song data one week before release.
■You will also get Full HD MV data of two songs (※if the goal is reached).
■You will get the recording data of the plug song and another song that you wish to have. (※Which means you can choose only vocal track or only drum track data as your request.)
■You can get a Thank-You video from members that are especially for you.  (will be delivered a bit later)

A9 Fund page :
Fund now:

Check their new song “Phoenix” at youtube.

「銀河ノヲト」 (Ginga no oto)

A9 OFFICIAL Twitter→