Scarlet Valse 1st mini-album [Story] on sale May 27, 2015

“The beginning of a new story” After returning to their roots, Scarlet Valse begins again with a new story.  New challenges in both their concept and their musical style are condensed into this new beginning.

Scarlet Valse will release a new mini album at May 27. The live venue pre-release of this mini album will be at March 19. The mini album will cost you 2800yen, it will include 5 brand new songs and a re-recording of [Vogage in Chronos]. [Vogage in Chronos] is recorded with a new member line-up! The Title track [Story] also features several guest vocalists; the participating vocalists are: Rui (Misaruka), Iori (Magistina Saga), Neon (ex. AO) and Yusuke  (ex. Banquet For The Clown) . The CD  includes a DVD with the PV of the song “Story” and will have a 8 page booklet. Also there will be only 1000 copies in stock. The CD will also have a different Live venue CD cover.

swsv-003b swsv-003a
Left -> Official webshop CD cover | Right -> regular CD cover
CD Tracklist:
01. Infinite Creation
02. Story
03. Voyage in Chronos
04. Dear
05. Curse of Red
06. Raison d’etre

DVD Tracklist:
01. Story (MV)

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