DELACROIX – Re:do  [2014.08.27]

I never did tried this band out before. So it’s my first time! my first impression of this band.


Album · 27 August, 2014 · 11 tracks
2.Misery & Apery
4.二度目の辞世(nidome no jisei)
5.廃色の雨に想う(haiiro no ame ni omou)
6.curse CRIMSON
7.Pathological NeoHysteria
9.and Redo
11.Fate of The Primary

Anyway, I really don’t understand this kind of new gerne music not all all.
Clean vocal with Grunting parts and a mix out of rock and brute metal.  It’s really something from the last few years which is typical Japanese visual kei shizzel music. Which I normally dislike a lot. But somehow this band knows a way to mix those part pretty good to not let it overlap annoying. (As many bands do so, Gazette and Mejibray, Lycaon as example)
Also when a part of a song get boring again they break in and make the song interesting to listen again, so there is no way that I would skip any song. Only thing I maybe think is that the songs are a bit “long?”
1-3rd song, I do like them. nicely composed.
4rd song, do I hear some Marlin inspiration? totally  Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus song. (lol) However their inspiration could be done way better. more heavy and deeply. The clean vocal is a bit boring in this song. To less power inside. But it’s enjoyable to listen to.
5th song starts with piano and rain sound and then turns into harder metal sound and than in cleaner rock. But for me its a song which I would skip at the next play, it somehow lacks the power I’m looking for in a band. But the composition of the song is nicely done.
6th song starts strong but they could better make this a real full grunt song. and with lesser PIG grunt voice sound. It’s nothing special. and the guitar solo.. was that a solo? lol?! they better could skip this song on this album.
7th song – this start… inspirited by dir en grey, Child Pray song?. but after all this songs is just random drumming and random screaming. not something what I like.
8th song. only playing ans screaming into totally mess, it has nothing with rock nor metal to do at all. But still it doesn’t get annoying.
9th song its a beautiful soft rock song melody is nothing special but least they cared to make a good song. Guitar solo is alright but nothing amazing special.
10th song again not really a song I like but composed again perfect, so easy to listen till the end.
11th song nice song but I would like it more a bit different. just bit to much random scream etc.

only a little bit to much PIG grunting but after all it’s a nice release.
But I won’t spent my money on this. because this kind of music is not something I really like.
But it really surprised me that there is a band who really can compose such kind of shizzel in the GOOD way that I can play it at least until the end without thinking “oh man this sound like SHIT”.

Rating on own taste: :3.0: it’s not something what I would play yet everyday.
Rating without own taste: :4.0: They are going in good direction, still need to work on better guitar. and the “Grunt” isn’t perfect yet. Also the vocalist voice isn’t unique at all, it’s a typical visual voice. If his voice was more unique I would have enjoyed this release more. only to bad that this band is already disbaned.

But yes its a good release, but no it’s not the best album of the year. But it belongs in the list of best albums of the year.